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A New Ecosystem for Digital Advertising

Built on ERC-20 standard of the Ethereum platform, Adrealm connects advertisers, service providers, content publishers, developers etc on its decentralized public ledger ensuring privacy and no third-party management of data. Thanks to its three-tier architecture made of an on-chain layer, off-chain layer, and a service layer, speed and efficiency can be guaranteed and the industry pain-points such as fraud, low-quality ads, and data leakage can be overcome. Adrealm relies on a particular consensus mechanism called Proof of Valid Traffic (PoVT) that makes high-quality ads and traffic the fundamental criteria for the operational success of transactions.
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  • 1

    May 2017

    UPLTV onboard first client.

  • 2

    December 2017

    UPLTV onboards 100 clients, daily advertisement display volume exceeded 18 million.

  • 3

    January 2018

    UPLTV begins cooperation and integration process with AdRealm.

  • 4

    2Q 2018

    UPLTV releases a new version of SDK (Adrealm version) online for testing.

  • 5

    3Q 2018

    Implementation of basic advertising prototype system and service model.

  • 6

    4Q 2018

    Internal testing of a transaction chain, realizing smart contacts submitted by converting ARM token to AD token. Complete the first blockchain-enabled advertising display.

  • 7

    1Q, 2019

    AdRealm's self-operated service providers come online for testing, as well as data chain testing. Launch integration of other ad mediation/optimization partner integration.

  • 8

    2Q 2019

    AdRealm's internal service provider and data chain will be both launched online. Advertiser and service providers template 1.0 will become available.

  • 9

    3Q 2019

    Complete aa first batch of service provider integration into AdRealm, including the top ad networks and data providers globally.

  • 10

    4Q 2019

    AdRealm exceeds a target daily ad display volume of 50 million.

  • 11

    2020 - 2022

    Fully opening AdRealm and accelerate the integration of participants on the platform, forming a complete ecosystem. We hope to disrupt traditional advertising platforms by this point as we prove higher levels of transparency and efficiency.

About AdRealm

Adrealm is a BIOC-based (business incentive-oriented consensus) ecosystem that utilizes a public chain + off-chain network to create a new foundation for the digital advertising industry in addition to a service layer.

Adrealm is engineered and designed to facilitate value-creation. Its unique consensus - Proof of Valid Traffic (PoVT) more than satisfies the fundamental architectural requirement of the blockchain, but also results in the cultivation of an ecosystem that promotes a sustainable and virtuous cycle for high-quality data and services.

Proof of Valid Traffic (PoVT)

Valid Traffic is “source” of value for digital advertising. A high proportion of invalid traffic, in the forms of data validity and data anaemia, is a true pain for advertisers globally. PoVT helps to achieve the following:

  • Addresses industry pain-points while acts as an underlying consensus mechanism on a public chain system
  • Improves industry efficiency by promoting and regulating a sustainable and virtuous cycle, incentivizes behaviour and activities by all participants by aligning with the goals of the ecosystem
  • Generates quality data by acting as the “rule” for token generation


A foundation governed by the ecosystem Adrealm’s proposed PoVT mechanism ensures a stable, balanced and fair representation of “good” actors. Unlike hard capped cryptos, ARM (Adrealm token) is also a Nondepletable Sustainable Digital Specie (NSDS), sustaining the ecosystem in the long-term. A council committee is maintained by ecosystem participants, voted in by terms based on PoVT.

Off-chain Network

Adrealm off-chain network allows for the business to be done at internet scale concurrency level - and that means fast. Unique needs such as analytics, data mining, and AI take place here, while other data migrate to the public chain. This network also allows for cross-chain asset transactions, such as BTC and ETH.

Jian Sun


Yan Gong


morten E. Wilff


Russell Haines



NYUStern professor

Beibei Li

Assistant Professor of IT and Management, Anna Loomis McCandless Chair at Carnegie Mellon University

Alix Liu

Partner, Product & R&D

Will Zhao

Head of AI and Data Analytics

Jack Chen

VP, Product

Carl Yimin Cai

VP, Global Business Development

Mei Li

General Manager, Europe

Veronica Lim

Director, Korea Business Development

Melinda Kang

Market Growth, North America

J Ellis Cameron-Perry,

Executive Director of Adrealm Editorial Intelligence & Operation Unit

Brian Xie


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