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Angel Token

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Angel Token is a "crypto incubator" for small-cap altcoins, allowing you to CREATE WEALTH as an "Angel Investor", rather than passively wait for your investments to rise. Together we invest in overlooked and undervalued cryptocurrencies. Our skilled team improves their functionality, visibility and marketing. With our innovative GUARANTEED INVESTOR REFUND you are protected from losing more than 20% until March 7th '18. If you are not happy with our performance you can get your investment back.
Website: Visit
White paper: Read
ICO Time: 27 Nov, 2017 - 19 Dec, 2017
Token Info
Ticker: Angel Token
Platform: Ethereum
Token type: ERC20
Available for sale: 70,000,000 Angel Token (70%)
ICO Price: 1 Angel Token = 0.00079 ETH
Accepting: ETH
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    Team Unites Angel Token founders start working together and create a successful marketing business.

  • 2


    First $5 million profit made Angel token team have grown to a team of 12 expert developers, programmers, designers and online marketing experts and total team net profits now stands at +$5 million.

  • 3


    First Bitcoins bought by team members The Angel Token founders first started investing in Bitcoin

  • 4


    Started mining bitcoin and other crypto currencies Actively started trading altcoins for profit – 2016

  • 5

    March 2017

    Founder team agrees to launch ICO for altcoin trading The team have now successfully traded altcoins for several months and understand the huge potential of having large funds available for controlling the market of small to medium size coins. Team agrees to launch ICO by Quarter 4 2017.

  • 6

    September 2017

    Token and Smart Contract Development Finalized After several months development the plan for the Angel Token is finalized and all Ethereum smart contracts are ready for final review.

  • 7

    October 2017

    Recruitment and Team Building We have hired 6 more staff to assist with the ICO and particularly the investment research. We will be confident in investing the money raised, as soon as it is available.

  • 8

    November 10th 2017

    Pre-announcement for the Angel Token ICO done A special day where we give the first details of this ICO to the world. Potential investors are able to communicate with the team directly (on Slack and bitcointalk.org) from this date and can review all documentation and code for themselves.

  • 9

    November 16th 2017

    Solidity Audit & Bug Hunt We have published our smart contract online for inspection. It is also about to be reviewed and audited by several independent top Solidity developers. Link to the letter signed by the official auditor, Anthony Akentiev

  • 10

    November 27th 2017

    ICO Starts Investors have 20 days ONLY to make investments and limited to 31,150 Ether in total, before ICO closes. First day bonus tokens amount to 690%.

  • 11

    December 19th 2017

    ICO Closes The ICO ends at midnight, or before December 19th if all tokens already sold. No further tokens ever possible to be minted again.

  • 12

    December 21st 2017

    Investment Management Begins Our private investment community opens it's doors to all Angel Token investors holding 10,000 tokens or more. This is where REAL investment secrets and opportunities are revealed and discussed!

  • 13

    Early January 2018

    First trades and investments will be made after extensive research and evaluation has been carried out and discussions with the Angel Token Investment Community have concluded.

  • 14

    January 23rd 2018

    First Dividend Declaration Day On January 23rd 2018 Angel Token will make its first divident decalaration. It is unlikely that there will be a dividend declared on this date, even if a few profitable trades and investments have been concluded.

  • 15

    January to March 2018

    Multiple trades and investments will be made after extensive research and evaluation has been carried out and discussions with the Angel Token Investment Community have concluded. It is expected that the Angel Token team and investment community will be working on and promoting numerous altcoins and crypto investments.

  • 16

    March 7th 2018

    First (100 Day) Refund Period Ends Angel Token ICO Investors are protected and may request the return of up to 80% of their Ether invested up until this date if they are not happy with the performance of the Angel Token team of the return on investment and price development of Angel Token, or if they for any other reason would like their invested Ether back. This refund ability is hard-coded into the immutable Angel Token smart contract.

  • 17

    April 23rd 2018

    Second Dividend Declaration Day On April 23rd 2018 Angel Token will make its second divident declaration. The dividend will then be paid in Ether, 7 days later on April 30th 2018, to any Angel Token investor holding more than 10,000 tokens in a private wallet (not an exchange wallet).

  • 18

    April 26th 2018

    Second (50 Day) Refund Period Ends Investors have had from March 7th 2018, up until the end of this date, to request the return of up to 40% of their Ether invested during the Angel Token ICO. This refund ability is hard-coded into the immutable Angel Token smart contract.

  • 19

    April to June 2018

    Multiple Investments And Liquidations During the 2nd quarter of 2018 we expect to have been invested in a number of interesting and profitable altcoins and crypto assets for some time, and by this time we hope to be able to liquidate some of the profits made in order to pay healthy dividends to our investors.

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