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BaaSid is 100% decentralized and stores your personal information on a network without a central database. It it cleaner and safer to use than any current method of storing information. Personal information of participants (or clients) is split into thousands of fragments using the ground breaking Split ID engine. The fragmented Split data is then encrypted and stored on individual, unique blocks on the network. After your data is encrypted, the original data copy is then destroyed. This platform is the first to create a data protection system that eliminates the need for a centralized database. When you need to access your online ID, the system uses P2P to inform nodes on the most rational and fastest way to reconstruct your information. Your split information is then allocated, pieced together, and visualized from a one-time pass that is immediately destroyed after you are done.
Website: Visit
White paper: Read
ICO Time: 22 Mar, 2018 - 30 Mar, 2018
Whitelist/KYC: Whitelist & Kyc
Country: USA
Token Info
Ticker: BAS
Platform: Ethereum
Token type: ERC20
Available for sale: 3,500,000,000 BAS
ICO Price: 0.001 ETH = 150 BAS
Accepting: ETH
Soft cap: 2,000 ETH
Hard cap: 10,500 ETH
Social Media
  • 1

    2018 / 1~2Q

    ICO. Pre-sale & ICO.

  • 2

    2018 / 2Q

    POW. Verification and validation. BAS listing. Commencement of official Listing at cryptocurrency exchange.

  • 3

    2018 / 3Q

    Encryption and decryption of personal information. Split Engine (Split ID). Fragment distribution engine for encrypted personal information. Distribute Engine (Allocation). Distribution engine of the encrypted split ID.

  • 4

    2018 / 4Q

    Combination Engine (FIDO API). Combination engine of the encrypted split ID. POA / POH. Verification and validation (MainNet). Instant Access Engine (OTP). OTP for one-time instant access.

  • 5

    2019 / 1Q

    Instant Access API (for Provider). IA-API provided to the internet provider (Instant Access API).

  • 6

    2019 / 2Q

    Hyper Confirm API. A verification API that replaces the providers, third party certification authority and payment gateway (PG) and offers verification for participants and providers.

  • 7

    2019 / 4Q

    BigBaaS. BaaS User Target Marketing Service (Big Data Service).

Joshua C.S. Lo

MSEE, JD Independent Director, Redwood Group Ltd. (Taipei Exchange) Independent Director, Shinkong Life Insurance, (TWSE)

Ronald H. Chen

MBA, JD Director of T-Star Telecomm Corp. Supervisor of the Board, CSun Manufacturing LTD. Independent Director of Advancision Corp.,Cayman

LeRoy Zen Lau

Director, DMG & Partners Securities Pte Ltd. Director, RHB Securities Singapore Pte Ltd. Capital raising experience for Listed companies and bringing companies to IPO as a Senior Dealing Director.

Nicholas Ng S.L.

Chairman, Leadhope Philippines Inc CEO, Neosonics Network Director, BioWave Korea / Global Business Development

Jin An

CTO/Co-founder of Cyflyer Inc. USA General Manager of Imua Management USA Director of Metro Pacific Inc. General Manager of Taeryoung Development University of Manoa, Computer science

May Kim

CEO of Certon Co.,Ltd Chairman of BoD, dear Lab., LTD Director of KBIPA (Korea Blockchain Industry Promotion Association) CEO of Aston Project

Takashi Kosuga

Director of PRO (App producer) Operating officer of IMAGICA group Web service producer of CCC group Virtual reality system planner of JFE group Space development engineer of TOSHIBA group

Takafumi Osada

Manager of Business Partners, Inc Japan Country Manager of DNO-Group Sales Director of Billing System Corporation (Tokyo Stock Exchange, Mothers)

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