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Blockbits provides innovative mechanisms such as safe funding vaults and secure milestone based payments. The platform offers to both investors and project owners investing tools and minimal to zero fees. Our platform is designed to become fully independent, maintained and governed by its own token holders. Blockbits itself is launched through the very code submitted here as MVP. It is not a Venture Capital Fund, nor an Investment Fund. It is a platform where you launch your project and the community is going to be the one moderating the content. Welcome to the smart company of the future! Never tired, no bias just code, autonomous platform distributed throughout the blockchain, mutable only with its community approval, always ready for the innovative ideas of tomorrow!
Website: Visit
White paper: Read
Pre-sale Time: 4 Feb, 2018 - 28 Feb, 2018
ICO Time: 10 Mar, 2018 - 1 May, 2018
Country: Romania
Token Info
Ticker: BBX
Platform: Ethereum
Token type: ERC20
ICO Price: 1 ETH = 7,000 BBX
Accepting: ETH
Soft cap: 5,000 ETH
Hard cap: 35,000 ETH
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    Period: June 2017 - January 2018 1.1 The Documentation - Technical Documentation - Functional Diagrams - Deployment Strategy and Flows - Live Documentation 1.2 The Code - Backend Application MVP - 350+ Unit and Integration Tests 1.3 The Tools - Bounty Portal - Bounty Program Tools - Mobile Applications 1.4 The Offering - Platform identity - Logo and Design - Campaign Ofering Whitepaper - Campaign Landing Page 1.5 Landing Redesign - Reverting to Standard Token Sale - BlockBits Info Flow Diagrams - New Explainer Video - Explainer Articles

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    Period: Feb 2018 - May 2018 2.1 Funding Start - Announcements - Funding Campaign Launch - AMA interviews - Press releases 2.2 The PRE ICO - Period: 4th of February 2018 to 28th of February 2018 2.3 Marketing limited Public Sale - Period: 4th of February 2018 to 10th of March 2018 2.4 The ICO - Period: 10th of March 2018 to 1st of May 2018 2.5 Token Allocation - Date: 2nd of May 2018 - Direct Funding Pool - Token unlock - Bounty Portal Pool - Token unlock

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    Phase 3 - Development Milestones

    Period: May 2018 - May 2020 Development Start Date: 5th of May 2018

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    Development Milestone 1

    Milestone Name: Minimalistic Platform Estimated Duration: 90 days - Team expansion - Swarm / IPFS Storage - Platform Web Application - Campaign Page - Campaign Listing and filtering - My Profile - MainNet / TestNet Testing environments - Deployment Tools - Application State Processing Daemon Note: Minimum required functionality in order for token holders to be able to validate and vote on proposals.

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    Development Milestone 2

    Milestone Name: 3rd Party Launch Functionality Estimated Duration: 180 days - Platform Web Application - Campaign Page improvements - Campaign Listing and filtering improvements - Project Creation Wizard - v1 - BlockChain Application Deployer - Platform - Revenue Stream Storage Contract - Mobile Application Update Note: Minimum required functionality to allow 3rd party projects to launch through the platform and allow token holders to participate in funding events that include discount programs.

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    Development Milestone 3

    Milestone Name: Code Upgrade Tools and Token Buyback Estimated Duration: 90 days - Code Upgrade Tools with in platform code diff viewer - Token Buyback functionality that uses funds in Revenue Stream Storage Note: Minimum required functionality to allow Code Upgrades to be processed in order to enable Token Buyback for the main platform and launched children projects.

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    Development Milestone 4

    Milestone Name: Basic Risk indicators and Collaboration tools Estimated Duration: 90 days - Campaign Risk indications and analysis - Campaign listing and filtering based on risk indicators and scoring - Project Creation Wizard - v2 - Collaboration Tools - New Discount programs - New Funding algorithms Note: Basic Risk analysis and indicators for projects and Collaboration tools for the Creation Wizard.

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    Development Milestone 5

    Milestone Name: Advanced functionality Estimated Duration: 90 days - Project Creation Wizard - v3 - Funding Auction Bidding - Advanced Risk indications and analysis Note: Advanced functionality for project creation, risk analysis and indicators for project page details.

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    Development Milestone 6

    Milestone Name: Token Holder Upgrades Estimated Duration: 90 days - Token holder initiated Code Upgrades that get paid from the Revenue Stream Storage Contract Note: Allows token holders to propose upgrades and get paid for them.

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    Development Milestone 7

    Milestone Name: Full Decentralization Estimated Duration: 90 days - Full Decentralization Support - ENS Ownership & ENS annual renewal payments - Storage Ownership with renewal Note: Project gets prepared for completion, where no one owns it.

Mihai Iliescu

Senior Security Engineer

Micky Socaci

Main Developer

Vlad Morar

Video / Marketing Specialist

Radu Dumitru

Graphic / UX Designer

Ionut Toader

Frontend Developer

Arthur Birnbaum

Animation and Motion Graphics

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