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Bluzelle is a decentralised database service for dApps (Decentralized Applications). It is for dApp developers who are dissatisfied with the costs, limited scalability, and complexity of existing database systems. Bluzelle plays a pivotal role in the blockchain infrastructure that will help grow the decentralized Internet. Bluzelle takes blockchain principles and sharding and partitioning concepts to create an AirBnB like marketplace for data storage and management. This is a crypto-economic network of powerful producers and consumers. Bluzelle was recently appointed by the World Economic Forum as a Technology Pioneer for 2017, and was named to the Global FinTech 100.
Website: Visit
White paper: Read
ICO Time: 18 Jan, 2018 - 2 Feb, 2018
Country: Singapore
Token Info
Ticker: BLZ
Platform: Ethereum
Available for sale: 500,000,000 BLZ (100%)
ICO Price: 0.1181 USD
Accepting: ETH
Hard cap: 19,500,000 USD
Social Media
  • 1

    July 2014

    Pavel Bains and Neeraj Murarka form Bluzelle in Vancouver, Canada

  • 2

    April 2015

    Launches Canadian Ripple Gateway directly connected to Canadian Banking debit network

  • 3

    February 2016

    Sets up in Singapore

  • 4

    March 2016

    Raises seed financing round from True Global Ventures

  • 5

    May 2016

    Builds Ripple-based cross border payments POC for global banking platform Temenos

  • 6

    September 2016

    Builds Ethereum-based consumer mobile insurance application for global insurer AIA

  • 7

    December 2016

    Named to the Global Fintech 100 by H2 Ventures

  • 8

    April 2017

    Builds Ethereum-based KYC Ledger for international banks consortium consisting of OCBC, HSBC and MUFG

  • 9

    June 2017

    Named Technology Pioneer 2017 by World Economic Forum

  • 10

    July 2017

    Builds Ethereum-based insurance platform for a large Asian insurer

  • 11

    August 2017

    Raises $1.5 M USD round from international VCs Global Brains (Japan), True Global Ventures (Europe) and LUN Partners (China)

  • 12


    NoSQL key-value pairs, Bluzelle Harvesting Agent, leaf swarms, consensus, horizontal partitioning, consistent hashing, CRUD API, Bluzelle tokenization, ERC-20 token gateway, versioning and backup/restore, dynasty keys

  • 13


    PaaS integrations, IDE plugins and integrations, blockchain smart contracts, desktop and browser and mobile apps for interactive access, import/export from legacy databases, node scoring and health metrics

  • 14


    NoSQL documents, NoSQL document collections, NoSQL document collec%on indices, NoSQL document collection partitions, global CRUD operations, batch CRUD operations

  • 15


    Proof of storage Merkel challenges and rewards, proof of stake requirement for farmers, variable CRUD request pricing, edge caching of data close to requests, request parallelism and hotspot support, Spartacus attack tolerance

  • 16


    Vertical partitioning, 2D partitioning, variable-cost data expiries, Sybil attack tolerance, dele%on reversibility, proof of redundancy via erasure coding

  • 17


    Column stores, S/Kademlia improvements, Honest Geppetto attack tolerance, 3rd party arbitration against Chea%ng Owner attacks, reverse http tunnelling, tunnel eclipse a[ack tolerance, multiparty encryption, complex binary blob storage support

Fatma Ahmed

QA Specialist

Dmitry Mukhin

Senior Developer

Richard Nistuk

Senior Developer

Gil Penchina

Business Advisor

Brian Fox

Open-source Advisor

Prashant Malilk

Database Advisor

Yingyao Xie

Product Development Associate

Nitin Cunha

Senior Developer

Scott Burch

Senior Developer

Mehdi Abdeh

Kolahchi Senior Developer

Neeraj Murarka


Pavel Bains


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