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Copy Trader

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Copy trader is Decentralized app deployed on ethereum blockchain and act as a marketplace between expert traders (who want to monetize their skills) and newbie traders (who want to trade successfully without any experience and skills ). Copy Trader connects them in transparent and decentralized fashion easily.
Website: Visit
White paper: Read
ICO Time: 22 Oct, 2017 - 15 Nov, 2017
Country: USA
Token Info
Ticker: CTT
Platform: Ethereum
Token type: ERC20
Available for sale: 60,000,000 CTT
ICO Price: 0.45 USD
Accepting: ETH
Social Media
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    OCTOBER 8, 2017 Copy Trader token (COPY) Pre-sale

    copy traders tokens offered at a discounted price

  • 2

    OCTOBER 22, 2017 Copy Tokens Launch / Public Sale

    Copy Token offered publically at a normal price

  • 3

    NOVEMBER 15, 2017 Copy Trader Dapp Launch

    copy trader Dapp Deployed on Ethereum blockchain and public source code will appear on our github. there will be no alpha and beta launch becuase we arleady tested it by deploying on ropsten test ethereum network

  • 4

    NOVEMBER 17, 2017 Erc20 Based ICO Copy

    Support for Erc20 based ICO will be added. Traders will be able to copy Any Erc20 supported ico from successful expert invester

  • 5

    DECEMBER 2, 2017 Copy Trader ios and Android app launch

    copy traders Android and ios app will be launched. This app will be launched with clean UI and act as user dashboard to moniter and check real time trades and updates.

  • 6

    Q1, 2018 3rd Party integration

    The copy trader architecture is built around a smart contract system which promotes transparency and extensibility.3rd party tools can be integrated via smart contracts with Copy Trader To Optimize the Performance .

Adrian Assamorgh

Developer (UX/UI)

Thu Van Le

Technical Lead (Co-founder)

Alex Rasti

BizDev Lead (Co-founder)

Sain Fri

Project Lead (Co-founder)

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