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Core Token

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Core Token

Core Token merges the current world with a Blockchain world, shifting use case partners into a circular economy. It opens opportunities to create new sources of wealth. At Core Token: - everything is digitized; assets, raw materials, commodities, metals and all finished products, services and even FIAT money; - P2P transactions are facilitated on the Core Coin Blockchain and autonomous Smart Contracts based supply chain, trade finance and capital finance; and - the decentralized exchange allows for transferring crypto, digitized assets, financial instruments, commodities and metals Core Token use case Ecosystem is built on the Core Coin, an interoperable Blockchain network supporting our business partners in: - recovering of fuel from plastic waste; - crypto mining from renewable energy; - recovery of minerals, metals, carbon and heat converted to be used in greenhouses; and - Geospatial integration with IoT, AI, VR, AR and logistics innovation with drones and smart parking systems
Website: Visit
White paper: Read
Pre-sale Time: 24 Nov, 2018 - 31 Dec, 2018
ICO Time: 1 Jan, 2019 - 29 Sep, 2019
Whitelist/KYC: Kyc
Country: Slovakia
Token Info
Token type: Utility Token
Pre-sale Price: 1 USD
ICO Price: 1 USD
Soft cap: n/a
Hard cap: 121000000
Social Media
  • 1

    Tonlo GmbH October 2015

    Bought a redundant Bio Diesel factory in Zistersdorf Austria

  • 2

    TokToKey November 2015

    Started Development of TokToKey

  • 3

    Tonlo GmbH February 2016

    Setup Company Tonlo GmbH

  • 4

    R&D March 2016

    Started R&D on plastic waste processing technologies

  • 5

    R&D June 2016

    Started R&D on carbon and bitumen recovery and use technologies

  • 6

    R&D August 2016

    Started R&D of blending fuels to produce cogeneration fuel

  • 7

    Tonlo GmbH September 2016

    Started rebuilding blending plant for cogeneration fuel and technical oils

  • 8

    TokToKey December 2016

    Started integration of Crypto Currency as payment method to TokToKey

  • 9

    Tonlo GmbH January 2017

    Registered property to Tonlo GmbH

  • 10

    Tonlo GmbH February 2017

    Signed land lease, supply contract of waste and electricity supply with FCC

  • 11

    HR April 2017

    Expanded team

  • 12

    R&D April 2017

    Built first GPU Mining Rig

  • 13

    Mining May 2017

    Expanded GPU Mining Rigs

  • 14

    Mining May 2017

    Started the production of first Hashcube

  • 15

    Ping Exchange June 2017

    Started development of Ping Exchange

  • 16

    Mining June 2017

    Expanded GPU Mining Rigs Started ASIC Mining

  • 17

    Mining July 2017

    Expanded ASIC Mining

  • 18

    Mining July 2017

    Installed and commissioned all mining equipment of Hashcube

  • 19

    Core Token - Cminers August 2017

    Started development for Core Token – Cminers Pools and API

  • 20

    Pre-ICO Early Bird August 2017

    Started Pre-ICO Early Bird sales

  • 21

    PR August 2017

    Visited Bitmain mining producers in Israel

  • 22

    PR September 2017

    Joined Blockchain and virtual currencies Working Group, an advisory to the EU Commission

  • 23

    Mining September 2017

    Expanded ASIC Mining Bought new generator to expand electricity production

  • 24

    Mining October 2017

    Expanded ASIC Mining

  • 25

    Pyrolysis November 2017

    Started discussions for manufacturing pyrolysis technologies with multiple suppliers

  • 26

    R&D November 2017

    Completed building blending and manufacturing plant

  • 27

    Mining December 2017

    Expanded ASIC Mining

  • 28

    ÐAO 2.0 January 2018

    Started developing Wall Money, DappE and ÐAO 2.0

  • 29

    Mining April 2018

    Increased mining optimization of ASIC Mining

  • 30

    Mining April 2018

    Started with submerging ASIC Mines Installed ASIC Mining Rigs in FCC

  • 31

    Pyrolysis May 2018

    Started negotiations for pyrolysis and waste sorting technology with supplier

  • 32

    HR May 2018

    Expanded development team

  • 33

    Mining May 2018

    Started Overt AsicBoost mining firmware and pool integration Completed Integration of Overt ASIC Boost into Core Token – Cminers BTC pool Installed first Dragonmint Asic Mining Machines

  • 34

    R&D May 2018

    Signed agreement with Fabrika Institute of Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University Kaliningrad for Research and Development

  • 35

    HR June 2018

    Expanded creative team

  • 36

    Mining June 2018

    Rebuilt the ASIC Mining airflow separation of cold and hot air

  • 37

    Pyrolysis July 2018

    Signed contract for Pyrolysis Technology with Supplier

  • 38

    Mining August 2018

    Partnered with 3M for the use of customized organic cooling liquid for Asic mining submersion

  • 39

    Pyrolysis August 2018

    Sent first waste testing samples to pilot pyrolysis plant

  • 40

    Mining September 2018

    Redesigning submerged ASIC cooling and rebuilding current solution

  • 41

    Core Token October 2018

    Go Live with Core Token website

  • 42

    Core Token October 2018

    Go Live with Core Token website

  • 43

    Core Token October 2018

    Launch Core Token website sales

  • 44

    Metals trade October 2018

    First successful metals test trade completed

  • 45

    Metals trade November 2018

    Start negotiations with Albania chrome project

  • 46

    R&D November 2018

    Start heat management technology development

  • 47

    Core Token November 2018

    Start development of Core Token Smart Contract HUB, a continuous on going project

  • 48

    Metals trade November 2018

    Start blockchain metals trading platform, implementation of smart contract

  • 49

    Pyrolysis November 2018

    Start application process for approval of waste management, sorting and pyrolysis plant in Zistersdorf

  • 50

    Mining November 2018

    Start implementation of transformers in Zistersdorf FCC

  • 51

    Metals trade December 2018

    Start Building bonded metals trading facility and logistics hub

  • 52

    Ping Exchange January 2019

    Launch Ping Exchange

  • 53

    Metals trading January 2019

    Improve chrome recovery plant and blockchain implementation

  • 54

    Metals trading January 2019

    Sign contract with Albania chrome project

  • 55

    R&D January 2019

    Start design of approved distillation plant in Zistersdorf Austria

  • 56

    Mining February 2019

    Launch of Cminers 3rd party mining Pools

  • 57

    GEO spatial February 2019

    Start GEO spatial valuation, mapping, cadaster reports and projections

  • 58

    Mining February 2019

    Increase Electricity Generators

  • 59

    TokToKey March 2019

    Implement TokToKey to Blockchain

  • 60

    Mining March 2019

    Complete heat management technology

  • 61

    Mining March 2019

    Launch phase 1 Hashcubes with submerged crypto mines with ASIC Boost

  • 62

    Agriculture Blockchain March 2019

    Start Blockchain project for Agriculture and genetic product tracing

  • 63

    Tonlo GmbH March 2019

    Start building distillation plant in Zistersdorf Austria

  • 64

    Agriculture Blockchain April 2019

    Build prototype multilayer greenhouse

  • 65

    Wall Money April 2019

    Connect Wall Money to Ping exchange and release prototype of POS terminal; Start development Oneprofile

  • 66

    Pyrolysis April 2019

    Implementation of Liberland Pyrolysis and Waste Management Technology

  • 67

    Mining April 2019

    Finish installation of transformers in Zistersdorf FCC

  • 68

    Pyrolysis May 2019

    Start building of Liberland Pyrolysis and Waste Management Technology

  • 69

    Mining May 2019

    Launch phase 2 Hashcubes with submerged crypto mines with ASIC Boost

  • 70

    Ping Exchange May 2019

    Ping Exchange release of additional services

  • 71

    TokToKey May 2019

    First version of TokToKey application release

  • 72

    Pyrolysis June 2019

    Blueprint delivery of waste processing and pyrolysis technologies

  • 73

    Metals trade June 2019

    Complete chrome recovery plant and Blockchain implementation

  • 74

    Agriculture Blockchain June 2019

    Complete prototype multilayer greenhouse

  • 75

    TokToKey July 2019

    Running TokToKey network on Blockchain

  • 76

    Metals trade August 2019

    Complete Albania chrome recovery plant

  • 77

    Metals trade August 2019

    Start chrome trading in Albania

  • 78

    Wall Money September 2019

    Launch Wall Money POS Terminal services

  • 79

    Launch Wall Money POS Terminal services

    Blueprint of carbon and bitumen processing technologies recovered from Pyrolysis

  • 80

    Metals trade September 2019

    Complete building bonded metals trading facility and logistics HUB

  • 81

    TokToKey October 2019

    Release mobile application for TokToKey Blockchain network

  • 82

    Pyrolysis October 2019

    Blueprint of 3D carbon based filament

  • 83

    Pyrolysis November 2019

    Start building waste management, sorting and pyrolysis plant in Zistersdorf

  • 84

    Wall Money December 2019

    Launch of Wall Money, ÐAppE and ÐAO 2.0 platform; Release Oneprofile version 1.0

  • 85

    Tonlo GmbH December 2019

    Complete distillation plant in Zistersdorf Austria

  • 86

    GEO spatial February 2020

    Launch Blockchain based GEO spatial valuation, mapping, cadaster reports and projections V1.0

  • 87

    TokToKey March 2020

    Launch Blockchain project for agriculture and genetic product tracing linked TokToKey and heat management project

  • 88

    Pyrolysis May 2020

    Complete building of Liberland Pyrolysis and Waste Management Technology

Our world population is growing at a fast pace. This of course is affecting the conditions of our environment. So, to ensure a comfortable environmental existence for the generations to come and, most important, that there will be enough food, water and prosperity in 2050, we need to switch from a linear to a circular economy. The aim is to ensure healthy and safe living and working conditions and cause less harm to the environment.

For a bit more detail we could say, for a long time, our economy has been ‘linear’. This means raw materials used to make a product ultimately ends up as waste. In an economy based on recycling, materials are reused which in the end just postpone the process of going to waste. As an example, waste glass is used to make new glass and waste paper is used to make new paper. In short, a linear economic model relies on large quantities of cheap, easily accessible materials and energy mainly due to competitive pricing. In a linear economic model resources are extracted, shaped into products, sold, and eventually disposed as waste of some kind and, ending up in a landfill or incinerator. Each year around 80% of the $3.2 trillion worth of materials used in consumer goods are not recovered (Nguyen, Stuchtey &Zils 2014). Still largely used in our economy, this model is exhausting our planet and polluting the environment, leading to exhaustion of our planet’s raw materials and rising costs.

In order to understand the concept of circular economy, one must keep in mind the current economy is main built on the fundamental building blocks of a dominant linear economy.

From a traditional point of view, production and consumption was embedded to consumers’ minds as a linear approach, creating thus the opportunity for Core Token to introduce its ÐAO 2.0 Ecosystem. The Core Token’s ÐAO 2.0 protocol and smart contract platform automate a wide range of internal and external processes, procedures, operations and transactions. It is a broad ecosystem of automated, borderless companies, all doing business on interoperable blockchains.

Michael Loubser


Ockert Loubser


Alfred Latschenberger

Head of Marketing&Sales

Rastislav VAŠIČKA



Procurement and Logistics Manager


Strategy & Governance Manager


HR Manager


Strategy and Use Case Manager


Use Case Manager


Hardware manager


Production Manager




Senior Designer











Paul Coste

Key Account Manager

Mirko Jordan

Sales Partner

Sebastian Kainz

Sales Partner

Jacob Kainz

Sales Partner



Feliks Fülling

Sales Partner

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