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Cove Identity

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With Cove you can create a secure wallet on your phone to store digitally-verified copies, as good as the original, of your most important documents, allowing you to effortlessly and securely verify your identity online and offline.
Website: Visit
White paper: Read
Country: UK
Token Info
Ticker: SHELLS
Available for sale: 510,000,000 SHELLS
ICO Price: 1 SHELLS = 0.10 USD
Accepting: ETH
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    June 2016

    Cove Research Begins - Development work, research and testing begins on the Cove concept, encryption and blockchain. Sarvpriye and Kunal start driving the RnD.

  • 2

    Jan 2017

    Cove Implementation Starts - Cove Team expands to start building the product.

  • 3

    May 2017

    Incorporation - Hashcove Limited is registered in the UK and the founding members include CPMO, Jon Bishop.

  • 4

    August 2017

    MVP launches - The fully functioning MVP is released in both the Android and iPhone app stores. Token Sale Announced - Token Sale and pre-sale are announced to the contributors community.

  • 5

    September 2017

    Pre sale begins on 21st September 2017

  • 6

    October 2017

    Token Sale completes - The Cove Token Sale (including crowd sale and pre-sale) will be completed.

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    Q1 2018

    Improved storage-based features - UI improvements and new features to make storing and sharing as easy and safe as possible. OCR text recognition, machine learning, web version, biometrics, secure sharing, file search etc.

  • 8

    Q3 2018

    Verification system - Full suite of verification services, engine and scoring system in place. P2P, agent and organisation verifications will be available.

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    Q4 2018

    Marketplace - Request and offer value added services to the Cove Network. Rewarded with Shells, Cove’s token.

  • 10

    Q2 2019

    B2B Platform - A suite of services to help organisations join, participate and create value for the Cove Network users.

Sarvpriye Soni

Co-founder and VP of Tech

Jon Bishop

Co-founder and CPMO

Kunal Nandwani

Co-Founder and CEO

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