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CREDITS platform offers new and unique technical implementation of blockchain technology, smart contracts, data protocol and has its own internal cryptocurrency. It is a platform with completely new technical network capabilities, speed, cost of transactions and total number of operations per second. It is an open platform which means that users and companies can create online services that implement the blockchain protocol. We offer a new product for users. We designed new features by creating new algorithm to search for a consensus; a new scheme registry; an algorithm for processing and maintaining transation - based solutions for finite state machines based on the model of Federal voting nodes. The CREDITS platform offers a solution to low speeds and high transaction costs. It expands the the potential blockchain technology has for the financial industry and the Internet of Things.
Website: Visit
White paper: Read
Bounty: Bounty
ICO Time: 1 Feb, 2018 - 18 Feb, 2018
Country: Singapore
Token Info
Ticker: CS
Platform: Ethereum
Token type: ERC20
Pre-sale Price: 1 ETH = 5,000 CS
ICO Price: 1 CS = 0.19 USD
Accepting: BTC, ETH
Soft cap: 15,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 20,000,000 USD
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  • 1

    S1 Pre-Alpha

    FA : Key Design Implementation Decentralization Ledger, NoSQL Store implementation Design and Implementation Formal Specification and Key Design Elements User interface Implementation Wallet Formal specification RPC & REST API Formal specification

  • 2

    S2 Alpha

    mFA : Key Design Implementation, PoW + PoC MessagePack History Integration with ecosystem Third-party system Design and Implementation Reasoner Integration with Blockchain Web UX design Blockchain Explorer

  • 3

    S3 Beta

    mFA Optimization Blockchain backup CVM (Credits virtual machine) Optimisation Third-party system Integrate to full system Reasoner Optimization UX design Application Test

  • 4

    S4 Release candidate

    CVM (Credits virtual machine) Check errors Android, iOS, Desktop Wallets Third-party explorer

  • 5

    S5 Release

    Storage, Consensus mFA Consensus Optimisation Third-party system Optimisation

David Kolmakhidze

Head of investment relations department

Michael Merejkin

Web Developer

Aleksandr Krasnov

Senior software developer

Evgeny Romanov

Community bounty manager

Valentin Antonov

Team leader

Evgeniy Butyaev

CTO & CoFounder

Igor Chugunov

CEO & Founder

Bruce Sadia

Development manager

Matushkina Elena

PR manager

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