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Custodi is a refreshing feel on doing everything you already do whilst removing the clutter and inconvenience of what is traditionally in your wallet. Developed by a team of Financial Advisors, Lawyers, Retail Experts and Tech Junkies, Custodi takes existing technology and innovates it in new ways. It is a smart, reliable, user-friendly solution to your everyday tasks. Custodi is a platform that incorporates spending, saving and sharing information by making use of Custodi Cash & Custodi Life. Custodi Cash is one of the first cryptocurrencies in the world that brings digital currency to everyday people, allowing them to earn and spend both FIAT and CRYPTO via a single platform. Custodi will be made available to use wherever you are able to use a Credit Card.
Website: Visit
White paper: Read
Bounty: Bounty
Pre-sale Time: 16 Nov, 2018 - 31 Dec, 2018
ICO Time: 15 Jan, 2019 - 30 Apr, 2019
Country: South Africa
Token Info
Ticker: CODI
Token type: ERC 20
Available for sale: 35,000,000 CODI (50%)
Pre-sale Price: $0.20
ICO Price: $0.60
Soft cap: 10000000
Hard cap: 35000000
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  • 1

    Q1 2017

    Custodi concept finalised

  • 2

    Q2 2017

    Proprietary Code Tested

  • 3

    Q4 2017

    Payments structure Finalised

  • 4

    Q1 2018

    Blockchain Requirements Complete Budgets and Team Requirements Complete

  • 5

    Q2 2018

    Whitepaper Complete

  • 6

    Q3 2018

    Team Formed

  • 7

    Q4 2018

    Whitepaper Announced RRZ / ChainEx partnership established Scheduled listing with our first exchange 15 Nov - Pre-Sale to start $0.20 Per Token 10 000 000 Tokens Available 31 Dec - Pre-Sale ends

  • 8

    Q1 2019

    Deploy Smart Contract (ERC20) 70 000 000 Total Token Supply Issue tokens to pre-sale users 15 Jan 2019 - ICO Phase 1 $0.30 Per Token 10 000 000 Tokens Available 15 Feb 2019 - ICO Phase 2 $0.40 Per Token 7 500 000 Tokens Available 15 Mar 2019 - ICO Final Round $0.60 Per Token 7 500 000 Tokens Available

  • 9

    Q2 2019

    End ICO List on Exchanges Announce Beta launch for ICO Users only

Custodi is a technology designed to transcend the traditional paradigm of how Retail, Finance and Lifestyle are managed.
Custodi aims to resolves these three fundamental problems currently plaguing our society.

• The traditional retail paradigm
• The traditional finance paradigm
• The traditional lifestyle paradigm

The Traditional Retail Paradigm

Careless personal data management by users in the retail space results in user personal information being added to databases over and over again where users are then statistically profiled by stores without you having any control over this.

The problem then surfaces for shoppers, how do you benefit from rewards and deals programs without submitting any personal information about yourself?

Shoppers are addressed with the blue pill or red pill scenario. what do you do?

Custodi understands that for a shopper/user to benefit from any kind of rewards program, the shopper is required to submit personal information, how else will the store know who to award.

However, Custodi says why can it not just be a barcode? Why can you not just appear as numbers and lines to retailers and nothing more?

With Custodi aims to put control back in your hands. Allowing you to share only the items you deem relevant.

The Traditional Finance Paradigm

We all use money, we use money to sustain ourselves, pay for services rendered, we lend money, we borrow money and we give money freely.

We all work hard for our money.

Something that we work so hard for should allow us far more control on how it is used.

The problem is you cannot control how your hard-earned money is spent by yourself and those who you entrust it to.

Traditionally you deposit money into the account of your child, family and friends and trust that your money is being used for the purpose intended.

With Custodi you can now enforce this trust.

Custodi plans to bring our users the ability to apply conditions to money. Any transaction must first satisfy all criteria of condition before a transaction can occur as described by the following use cases:

Personal Use Case Example:
Your children go to the movies, you as a parent will give you child money to watch a movie and get some snacks. You can ensure that the money is only spent on snacks and movies by applying conditions to the funds you have given your child.

Organization Use Case example:
University students who receive bursaries can receive money in Custodi accounts with conditions that the money can only be spent on University Campus and at authorized university stationery/book stores.

The Traditional Lifestyle Paradigm

Living smart does not just mean tracking your steps, living smart means accessing your own data and managing it in a way that literally helps you to live smart.

We all create data daily for stores when we swipe our cards and make purchases. The store takes this data and gets smarter in its strategy on what sales techniques work.

The problem here is why do we as shoppers and users not use our data to live smarter too?

Custodi organizes your data into readable and understandable formats so you can make living smart a reality and live a better life by making informed data driven decisions. Live Smarter.

Zahed Rassool

Owner / Founder, Product Owner

Roxy Rassool

Lead Software Engineer

Ryan Smith

Operations & Marketing

Zolani Zweni

Software Engineer

Gilliam Noeth

Software Engineer

Melody Kossmann

Quality Assurance / UX

Ciaran Prince

UX, Designer

Chris Dempsey


Davin Smit

System Admin

Abel Naidoo

Financial Manager, FNB South Africa

Christopher Arnold

Director, Rushmere Noach

Michael Warren

CLO, Beyond Borders

Luvuyo Bangazi

Head of Marketing, MBDA

Mikaela Oosthuizen

Owner, MikaelaO.com

Fahdiel Agherdien

Owner, Origin Digital

Lloyd Keating

Head of Tech, Big Daddy

Ryno Mathee

CTO, Blocktix & Lead Dev, Particl

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