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The Filecoin network achieves staggering economies of scale by allowing anyone worldwide to participate as storage providers. It also makes storage resemble a commodity or utility by decoupling hard-drive space from additional services. On this robust global market the price of storage will be driven by supply and demand, not corporate pricing departments, and miners will compete on factors like reputation for reliability as well as price.
Website: Visit
White paper: Read
ICO Time: 10 Aug, 2017 - 10 Sep, 2017
Country: USA
Token Info
Ticker: FIL
Platform: Filecoin network
Available for sale: 200,000,000 FIL
ICO Price: 0.75 USD
Accepting: BTC, ETH, ZEC, Fiat
Social Media

Skylar Norris

Nicola Greco

David Dias

Victor Bjelkholm

Jakub Sztandera

Lars Gierth

Jeromy Johnson

Matt Zumwalt

Friedel Ziegelmayer

Protocol Labs

Jesse Clayburgh

Hector Sanjuan

Juan Benet

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