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Forest Coin

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Firstly, we are a [social enterprise] to save the forest operated by a non-profit organization. Everyone can help us develop good place for living with nature in a small and beautiful forest community to preserve the forest where everyone can come and live together. Main project income are from Onsen spa, accommodation fee, forest products such as aromatic oil, herbal medicine, honey, sun-dried banana and more to sell online and offline. Advisors and teams are a workgroup of former minister, former government directors, professer, doctors, lawyers, architectures and IT specialists. Secondly, [crowd planting], an application that helps everyone in the world earn from planting tree anywhere. Planter gets reward for each tree that grows from 0 to 1 year (Green mining). Aiming Forest coin to be one of the famous global brand within a year 2020 with contributor's name on blockchain and social network in order to emphasize everyone to be concerned about global warming and planting trees and also for CSR purpose.
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White paper: Read
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ICO Time: 28 Apr, 2018 - 1 Jan, 2020
Country: Thailand
Token Info
Ticker: FOREST
Platform: Waves
Available for sale: 24,000,000 FOREST (80%)
ICO Price: 1 FOREST = 1 USD
Accepting: BTC, BCH, ETH, WAVES
Soft cap: 5,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 19,000,000 USD
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    Phase I : 2018

    Initial forest conservation area of 2,200 Rais (870 Acres) in Chiang Rai province which is declared as a degraded forest area. We're an organization that works together with several legal specialists under legal framework.

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    Phase II : 2019

    Crowd planting application. Forest conservation and rehabilitation, reforestation, organic farming and diversified mixed farming. World large onsen incorporate with Japanese onsen investors. Aiming 2 million visitors per year in order to reaffirm project sustainability

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    Phase III : 2019-2020

    Natural tourism activities, ecotourism, promote a balanced and sustainable way of living with nature.

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    Phase IV : 2020

    Free IT and language training for kids in order to initiate online working environment in the jungle. Also focus on several sustainable activities such as Yoga, meditation, weight control center and herbal research. And you can live here in forest community for free. Take a deep ozone breath for sustainable and healthy life. To plant trees on 19,000,000 Rais (7,500,000 acres) degraded area with a permission from Thai Royal forest department.

Prof. Dr. Chaiporn Thanathavornkit

Committee Chairperson

Dr. Rapeepat Thanathavornkit

Committee, Administration

Dr. Potjanakorn Wanawit

Committee, Foreign Affairs

Phumpan Chanma

Committee, Public Relations

Pol Sriwongwan

Committee, Public Relations

Dr. Rurngchai Klangkhuntod

Committee, Community Relations

Phanchana Kanphong

Committee, Legal Affairs

Narongsak Wongsangwan

Committee, Legal Affairs

Dr. Winyu Wasinthanasan

Committee, Finance

Pol.Sen.Sgt.Maj. Yutthapong Yongyut

Committee, Area Management Head

Dr. Chaiwarit Thanathavornkit

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Dr. Sopon Beaudoin

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Dr. Nopadol Choktanasirimongkol

Chief Brand Officer (CBO)

Narinrit Prem-apiwathanokul

Chief Security Officer (CSO)

Salinee Panyarachun

Chief Communications Officer (CCO)

Chulaporn Nantapanich

Chief Architect (CA)

Katawut Paramee

Technical Manager

Kongsak Jaruwattanasakul

Database Manager

Taam Paramee

System Development Manager

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