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Freedom Streaming

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Freedom Streaming offers a full live streaming platform that allows you to stream from anywhere in the world, uncensored, safe, and anonymous. We take your privacy seriously. Unlike other sites, we do not ask for, store, distribute, or sell any of your personal information. No advertisements or trackers will ever be allowed on our platform. IP address logs are wiped every 24 hours
Website: Visit
White paper: Read
ICO Time: 1 Dec, 2017 - 31 Dec, 2017
Token Info
Ticker: FDM
Platform: Ethereum
Available for sale: 650,000,000 FDM
ICO Price: 1 ETH = 10,000 FDM
Accepting: ETH
Hard cap: 650,000,000 FDM
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    February 2018 - Media Server Integration + Platform Streaming Development

    We currently plan to integrate the Wowza streaming engine, a premium media server that powers professional-grade streaming for any use case and any device. We will follow this up with testing in different streaming types to verify it works on all devices.

  • 2

    March 2018 - Chatroom Development + Integration

    We develop a custom chatroom for our platform. We will have a full featured channel functions that streamers are accustomed to and more.

  • 3

    April 2018 - Closed Alpha Testing

    Closed alpha testing will be done by our development and test team at this early stage

  • 4

    April 2018 - Closed Alpha Testing

    Closed alpha testing will be done by our development and test team at this early stage

  • 5

    May 2018 - OBS / XSplit Integration

    We will integrate Open Broadcaster Software and XSplit Broadcaster capability into the platform. This will allow professional streamers to broadcast multiple input devices simultaneously.

  • 6

    June 2018 - Token Integration + Donations Enabled

    Tokens will be transferrable between users as donations within the platform. Tokens can also be withdrawn to Ethereum wallet addresses, outside of the platform.

  • 7

    July 2018 - Closed Beta (Token Holders + Accepted Applicants)

    FDM Token holders will be able to use the platform from here on out. If we require additional users for testing the platform, we will allow a certain number of users to apply.

  • 8

    August 2018 - Feedback Review

    We will use the feedback given during the closed beta period to improve the platform and fix any known issues

  • 9

    September 2018 - Open Beta Public Release

    The site will go live and be accessible to the general public.

  • 10

    October 2018 - Token Rewards + Giveaways

    Users will begin to earn monthly FDM Token rewards as stated in Section 7.2 “Freedom Token Reward System”.

  • 11

    November 2018 - Token Platform Features

    Tokens can be used for additional platform features as stated in Section 7.1 “Token Usage”.

  • 12

    December 2018 - Token Chatroom Features

    Tokens can be used to customize chatroom features as stated in Section 7.1 “Token Usage”.

  • 13

    2019+ - Full Platform Decentralization

    Testing for full decentralization of the platform as stated in Section 5.3 “Decentralization”.

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