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Independent Wealth Management

Gigzi is a financial system that addresses three principal challenges of cryptocurrency: hyper-volatility, account vulnerability and wealth diminishment. By harnessing the relative constancy of precious metals, Gigzi protects users against the unpredictability of market fluctuations. Introducing a reliable standard of measure, enabling commerce in tokenised precious metals. Gigzi utilises impenetrable iris recognition technology for account access control, through an exclusive partnership with the world leading biometric security company. Gigzi will enable users to protect private keys and instead gain access with the unique configuration of their iris. By backing crypto-assets with pure, unfabricated precious metals that are redeemable on demand. Metal is sourced exclusively from a world-renowned mint with all investments guaranteed under law. Gigzi prevents wealth diminishment.
Website: Visit
White paper: Read
Bounty: Bounty
Pre-sale Time: 21 Sep, 2018 - 21 Nov, 2018
ICO Time: 23 Nov, 2018 - 28 Feb, 2019
Country: United Kingdom
Token Info
Ticker: GZB
Token type: ERC20
Available for sale: 80,000,000 GZB (8%)
Pre-sale Price: 1 GZB = 0.0025 ETH
ICO Price: 1 GZB = 0.0025 ETH
Soft cap: 7,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 24,000,000 USD
Social Media
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    Q3 2016

    THE IDEA AND THE TEAM From the realisation of what distributed ledger technology can do and a great passion for decentralisation, Gigzi was born and the team was assembled.

  • 2

    Q1 2017

    RESEARCH AND FEASIBILITY Analysing market conditions and assessing the feasibility of launching a commercially viable solution using distributed ledger technology.

  • 3

    Q2 2017

    SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE DESIGN The initial system architecture was drafted and validated.

  • 4

    Q3 2017

    SMART CONTRACT DEVELOPMENT, APPLICATION DESIGN & LEGAL STRUCTURING The Smart Contract is developed incorporating the rules and regulations of the systems including fees, values and other important functions. The outline design of the applications is completed.

  • 5

    Q3 2017

    GIGZI S. A. COMPANY REGISTRATION Gigzi registered in Belize as an International business.

  • 6

    Q2 2018

    IRITECH PARTNERSHIP SIGNED Partnership signed between Gigzi and IriTech to develop biometric security for blockchain applications. Q2 2018 SMART CONTRACT AUDIT BY ETHEREUM DEVELOPMENT COMMUNITY Security audit completed, following which the findings amd key points of feedback were incorporated into the solution.

  • 7

    Q3 2018

    SMART CONTRACT DEPLOYMENT AND CROWD SALE Gigzi website goes live, followed by deployment of the Smart Contract and the crowd sale.

  • 8

    Q1 2019

    BETA TESTING AND LAUNCH OF TREASURY AND WALLET APPLICATIONS INCLUDING BIOMETRIC SECURITY Launch of the Treasury application enabling the purchase and redeeming of Gigzi Metal. Launch of the Wallet application including 1st generation Gigzi Iris biometric security options.

  • 9

    Q2, 2019

    BETA TESTING AND LAUNCH OF EXCHANGE APPLICATION, MERCHANT TOOLS AND GIGZI GOLD CARD Launch of the Exchange application enabling crypto to crypto exchange, and fiat money exchanges through a global network of local partners. Point of sale software and multi-currency payment processing solutions for merchants. Gigzi debit card enabling users to make payments to merchants on existing point of sale infrastructure.

  • 10

    Q1 2020

    2ND GENERATION BIOMETRIC SECURITY Release of 2nd generation Gigzi Iris biometric security device. Compact size, premium casing, superior features and built with an Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC).

El Asmar

Founder & CEO

Fahad Shiltagh

Operations Director

Artyom Polyakoff

Technology Director

Vlad Gavriluk

Creative Director

Lera Konstantinova

Brand Leader

Nick Belskykh

Product Manager

Roman Van

Product Manager

Sergiy Zhemeytsev

Blockchain Engineer

Vadim Kovalenko

Frontend Developer

Slava Gornostal

Software Architect

Adrian Dragulescu

Web Administrator

Zeljko Nemet

Business Analyst

Daehoon Kim

CEO & Founder of IriTech

Byungho Choi

CFO & Founder or IriTech

James Brookfield

Senior Project Manager at Costain

Nuha Brookfield

Academic Clinical Fellow in Neurology at University College London

William Bryant

Director at Amex

Jonathan Fianu

Associate Director at PredictX

Eleftherios Jerry Floros

Entrepreneur, Advisor, Author, Speaker and Influencer

Savio Gomez

Entrepreneur and Top Rated ICO Advisor

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