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Goat Cash

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Goat Cash

Goat Cash is a community driven digital asset that has a real mission to give back to the world through charity partnerships and our innovative dApps. We have released our AGI (Artificial Goat Intelligence) dApp that distributes GOAT tokens when people upload pictures of goats, or memes to the AGI system. We're releasing Goat Clash very soon, and have a partnership with the NGO Heifer International, to give away real goats to families in need around the world each month. Coming soon are more great games, such as GoatMEX!
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Did you know that goats are the oldest domesticated animals? On top of that, they're the most useful animal for people around the world. With 450 million goats in the world, we bring you 450m GOAT Cash.

While so many ICOs set out to raise $$$$m, Goat Cash didn't want to do that. We wanted to show that you don't need $20m to build great things that have impact in this world. With that, we are raising nothing. There is no pre sale, ICO, just us, out there.

Sure, it makes life easier to pay these hugely expensive "marketing" companies and exchanges, but building great things and changing people's lives we can do with a bit of work and bags of passion.

We first wanted to work out a way of distributing GOAT to people, but we wanted it to be a bit of work... we needed proof of Goat! As with any geeks, we over-complicated this by building a dApp that users can upload pictures, gifs or videos of goats, including goat memes. The dApp then uses image recognition to detect goats in the image, as well as then ranking the image on a number of criteria, before assigning it a GOAT Cash value.

With over 50k goat pictures been uploaded so far, it's allowed people who own goats to have a small return for their fury friends. You can check out the hall of Goat here: https://wallet.goat.cash/#gallery/top

Having built this, we wanted to build some utility, so we started building our first game; Goat Clash, where 2 goats battle it out for the win and you can win yourself some goat by picking the right goat.

Due to our mission of giving back, we wanted to form a bond with an NGO that really understood what we were doing and our missions aligned. This is why we picked Heifer International; our partnership allows not just us, but our holders can also donate goat cash to those in need. Our donations will be used on projects where Heifer gives real life goats to families in need, with their projects around the globe.

Back to the geeky, we have also got a roadmap of games to release and we'll soon be working on our release of GoatMEX; BitMEX but with Goats! More fun, less complicated, more addictive. 100x of GTFO!

The Goat Father


Vincent Van Goat

Head of Blockchain

Selena Goatmez


Goaty McGoatFace

Senior Developer

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