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We are creating a management company GuideCTF, which will manage the index fund CIV20. The CIV20 index is our development, it is unique. The index includes the 20 largest and most popular crypto currencys every day. The index is updated every Monday. To buy the 20 largest currencies, it's enough to buy one CIV20 token. The managing company GuideCTF takes charge for the management of the fund. The holder of the GCTF tokens receives dividends that are paid from the profits of the managing company GuideCTF.
Website: Visit
White paper: Read
ICO Time: 27 Oct, 2017 - 29 Dec, 2017
Country: Russia
Token Info
Ticker: GCTF
Platform: Waves
Available for sale: 39,999,999 GCTF
ICO Price: 0.06 USD
Accepting: BTC, ETH, LTС, WAVES
Soft cap: 1500000 USD
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  • 1

    Jun-Jul 2017

    Development of benchmark (index) for the cryptocurrency market

  • 2

    Jul 2017

    Real time index calculation

  • 3

    Aug-Sep 2017

    Business strategy and development plan preparation

  • 4

    Oct 2017

    pre-ICO marketing assets attraction

  • 5

    Oct -Dec 2017

    Marketing campaign

  • 6

    Nov-Dec 2017

    ICO startup capital attraction

  • 7

    Jan 2018

    Registration of the management company as a legal entity (Jan-Mar2018 – Registration in SEC and MAS)

  • 8

    Feb-Apr 2018

    Development of the company website and shareholders accounts

  • 9

    Mar 2018

    Issue and distribution of GTCF smart contracts

  • 10

    May 2018

    Listing of company contracts on stock exchanges Registration of the fund management company Issue of the investment fund smart contracts

  • 11

    May-Jun 2018

    Smart contract testing

  • 12

    Jun-Jul 2018

    Development of accounts (for fund shareholders and partners)

  • 13

    Aug-Oct 2018

    Security audit of the management company and the fund

  • 14

    Sept-Oct 2018

    Security audit of the system kernel

  • 15

    Nov 2018

    Registration in SEC and MAS

  • 16

    Dec 2018

    Fund token ICO

  • 17

    Jan 2019

    Placement on stock exchanges

Stanislav Gaitsky


Egor Marchenko


Oleg Naumovich


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