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This advanced social network application which is specific for artist is a technology platform, which is designed specifically for the Showbiz communities. It is used to connect with fan communities around the world and stored the artists' creative products.
Website: Visit
White paper: Read
ICO Time: 15 Nov, 2017 - 15 Dec, 2017
Token Info
Ticker: iFan
Platform: Ethereum
Token type: ERC20
ICO Price: 1 iFan = 1.6 - 2.6 USD
Accepting: ETH
Social Media
  • 1

    November 2017

    iFan release based on Ethereum platform; Introduce offices of partner companies in Singapore, USA and Vietnam

  • 2

    December 2017

    Listing iFan on 3 exchangers : CoinExchange, EtherDelta, Excoinpro

  • 3

    January 2018

    Market expansion in Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia

  • 4

    April 2018

    Market expansion in: Korea, China, USA

  • 5

    May 2018

    Launch iFan social network application. Introduce iFan financial foundation. Sign contract with hotel booking system and air ticket online

  • 6

    July 2018

    Introduce the Blockchain entertainment system: Shopping - Audio - Visual on SmartPhone

  • 7

    September 2018

    Issue domestic iFan card for local payment and local ATMs in each country

  • 8

    October 2018

    Associate with top five banks in Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, South Korea to integrate blockchain iFan system into payment. Launch iFan internal trading platform.

  • 9

    November 2018

    iFan Social Insurance Fund is established for all iFan Owners. If owner hold 200,000 iFan in 10 years, after their working age they will receive iFan Percentage from iFan financial foundation for each month. Free health care for the end of life for a bonus.

  • 10

    December 2018

    Issue iFan Visa/Master cards that can be used worldwide.

  • 11

    January 2019

    Introduce the “European Union citizenship” program for qualified leaders

  • 12

    February 2019

    Partner with Google to set up blockchain labs in Singapore and Vietnam. Each year, two research projects on blockchain are published in the scientific journal A. Support in researching and developing national blockchain projects such as e-government, transportation automated system on blockchain platform

  • 13

    May 2019

    Establish talent development fund to serve the training, aim to select the blockchain technology personnel for the future

  • 14

    October 2019

    Established academy, technology university specializing in training new technologies, especially blockchain, biotechnology, virtual reality technology, enhanced reality and artificial intelligence. Free tuition fees for iFan owner’s child or iFan owners who own more than 300,000 iFan during the course

  • 15

    December 2019

    Invest in the filming, music, news to serve the iFan ecosystem. Reduce dependence on third parties, increase data autonomy

  • 16

    January 2020

    iFan Intelligence System (iFan AI) announced from the big data collected during the iFan user process

  • 17

    May 2020

    Complete iFan social network global, expand iFan market to the world

  • 18

    September 2021

    Launch iFanWatch online TV service to compete with Nexflix. Invest in iFanMusic online music service to compete with Apple Music, Spotify. These services will use iFan as the only payment method

  • 19

    September 2023

    Conduct IPO

Claudia Popepscu

Greg Taschik

Maros Koronek

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