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KahnChat isn't just a traditional mobile payment app but it takes the very best of other apps and combines them together for more features to simplify your daily life. Making a payment, voice chat, video chat, text messaging, social media follows and so much more. As a KhanChat user, he/she can easily make fund transfers to friends or family without knowing their bank account details. Funds arrive at the recipient account instantly. The KahnChat app incorporates more than just normal chat features associated with most communication apps, it is a one-stop app for every user between the ages of 18-65 years. The app can be used for messaging via text, voice, video, paying bills and funds transfer, order payments, user-story sharing and for increasing fans and follows of business and public figures.
Website: Visit
White paper: Read
ICO Time: 1 Feb, 2018 - 3 Feb, 2018
Whitelist/KYC: Whitelist & Kyc
Country: UK
Token Info
Ticker: KCH
Platform: Ethereum
Token type: ERC20
Available for sale: 64,000,000 KCH
ICO Price: 1 KCH = 0.002 ETH
Accepting: ETH, BTC, Fiat
Soft cap: 500 ETH
Hard cap: 100,000 ETH
Social Media
  • 1

    Q3 2017

    - KahnChat idea birth - Discussion with the third-parties service provider, developers and businesses

  • 2

    Q4 2017

    - Kahn Technology Ltd formation in the United Kingdom - Whitepaper preparation - Website development - Smart contract development - Team formation - Pre-ICO marketing

  • 3

    Q1 2018

    - Brand awareness - Token sales - Team recruitment for expansion - Payment Institution License application

  • 4

    Q2 2018

    - App development in XMPP technology - Official Account feature development - Digital wallet development with blockchain technology - User and businesses web features development - API Development - Corporate version – Staffs management development - Corporate version – Customer support platform development - Social media blockchain technology research and development

  • 5

    Q3 2018

    - Launch KahnChat app (standard technology) version - Launch KahnChat digital wallet - Launch API features - Discount Voucher feature development - Point-of-sales software and hardware development - Social media blockchain technology research and development - Marketing and promotion

  • 6

    Q4 2018

    - Launch Discount Voucher feature - Continue develop extra features for KahnChat app - Continue blockchain technology development - Marketing and promotion

  • 7

    Q1 2019

    - Launch Customer support platform - Launch Staffs management - Launch Discount Voucher management - Mini program platform development - Marketing and promotion

  • 8

    Q2 2019

    - Launch Point-of-Sales software and hardware - Launch KahnChat app blockchain technology version - Mobile gaming platform development - Marketing and promotion

  • 9

    Q3 2019

    - Launch Mini program - More business application integration to app - Live streaming platform development - Marketing and promotion

  • 10

    Q4 2019

    - Launch Mobile gaming beta version - Marketing and promotion

  • 11

    Q1 2020

    - Launch Live streaming platform - Marketing and promotion

Guowei Zou

Senior Engineer

Haiyu Zhang

Software Engineer

David Kan


Ulrich Hatje


Junfeng Liu

Software Engineer

Weijian Zhang

Software Engineer

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