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We are building the first blockchain based ‘image mining’ network for augmented reality or any other computer vision system, such as the Lampix product. We are creating a new blockchain that will hold {image,description} data-sets of real world objects. This data is a vital prerequisite for augmenting reality systems ranging from smartphones, wearable glasses, or our own Lampix product.
Website: Visit
White paper: Read
ICO Time: 9 Aug, 2017 - 18 Aug, 2017
Country: USA
Token Info
Ticker: PIX
Platform: Ethereum
Available for sale: 550,000,000 PIX (168%)
Accepting: ETH
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    2017/06 - Lampix software team complete

    We already have the lampix software team, used it to build the platform to its current stage and deliver to the current POC customers

  • 2

    2017/08 - Hardware team: core in place

    More resources recruited as needed.

  • 3

    2017/08 - Lampix (tens, 3D Printed, 3rd prototype version)

    These are the prototypes we are currently building and selling to POC customers.

  • 4

    2017/09 - Lampix POC customers

    Signed BMW, working on a few other large accounts which we will disclose soon.

  • 5

    2017/10 - Business development and operations team complete

    Currently recruiting business development team for both PIX ecosystem and Lampix

  • 6

    2017/12 - Lampix larger rollout from POC customer

    Our next business development target with Lampix is to do a larger roll-out of the device, probably in a retail environment.

  • 7

    2017/12 - Lampix Kickstarter

    To increase visibility of both the PIX ecosystem and Lampix as a device useful for mining but also for other applications (open API) we will launch a Kickstarter campaign for an initial developer-oriented version of Lampix. Buyers will be able to mine, create apps, and also use the PIX ecosystem to get their own training data teaching Lampix new skills.

  • 8

    2017/12 - PIX software team complete

    Currently recruiting for the PIX software development team, already have good candidates for both backend and frontend positions.

  • 9

    2018/01 - Javascript API public release

    This is the public release of the Javascript API enabling developers to build their own Apps on Lampix. It includes an improved version of the simulator.

  • 10

    2018/02 - Lampix (hundreds, urethane casted)

    Next level of prototypes, we can build hundreds of these using a technique called urethane casting. These will be used in the first larger customer rollouts. For this step we have to figure out the details of the hardware, including if we do a partnership with Intel.

  • 11

    2018/04 - PIX Ecosystem Closed Beta

    We will use the PIX ecosystem platform for creating internal datasets, to assess / test the system. We might include key customers in this phase, but it is still TBD. Already using external miners which can earn PIX.

  • 12

    2018/04 - Image mining app & corresponding backend software

    This includes the lampix app that guides the user through mining samples, as well as the server side software that gathers the samples and parts of the system that assesses the quality of the dataset, in order to provide instant feedback to the miner. It also includes an automated training system on a standard DNN architecture, so users without ML knowledge can train and directly use their data in their lampix apps. The data is also submitted to the PIX ecosystem.

  • 13

    2018/06 - Whiteboard collaboration app

    The whiteboard collaboration app will be delivered with the Kickstarter version of Lampix, it shows off the usefulness of Lampix in a collaborative work environment.

  • 14

    2018/06 - PIX Ecosystem Open Beta

    We will have a first version of the system ready to be used for external customers, enabling them to search for and request datasets.

  • 15

    2018/06 - PIX Ecosystem closed Beta POC complete scenario with external participants

    For the PIX ecosystem we need to sign at least 2-3 external participants for the initial open beta phase. Through our crowd-funding we already have access to data miners, so the initial open beta participants will mostly be data consumers.

  • 16

    2018/08 - PIX ecosystem Launch

    First version of the PIX ecosystem for full production use, containing a subset of all the envisioned features. Subsequent releases will follow on a quarterly basis and add all planned features. The order in which the features will be added is dependent on the results and feedback obtained in the Beta stages, as well as the feedback from the BD team up to this point.

  • 17

    2018/10 - Lampix (first production run)

    First production version of Lampix, delivered to B2B and also to Kickstarter customers.

Pavel Kapelnikov

Serial Entrepreneur and Angel Investor

Simon Leger

Professional Crypto-trader and Market Maker

Daniel Temkin

Co-Founder at FirstBlood Technologies, Inc.

Gilad Woltsovitch

Serial Entrepreneur

Rich Alterman

EVP Business Development at GDS Link, LLC

Lior Zysman

Legal Advisor ZAG-S&W /Blockchain Projects

Catherine Barba

Serial Entrepreneur with multiple exits focused on retail technology

Mike Mazier

Crypto Developer, Serial Entrepreneur

Joe Zhou

CEO & Co-Founder at Firstblood, Mentor at Babson GEIR

George Popescu

CEO Lampix

Mihai Dumitrescu

CTO Lampix

Lenny Valdberg

President and Co-Founder of Vigo Industries, Serial Entrepreneur

Igor Kapelnikov

CTO at CTC Transportation Insurance Services

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