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Lendxcoin (Xcoin) is the digital cash applied for peer to peer lending The functions of Lendxcoin: Xcoin cash will be the link between lenders and borrowers all over the world by smart contracts and Blockchain platform. All transactions are carried out via online. Mission of Lendxcoin: Connecting lenders and borrowers, checking information, checking loans, verifying P2P list, insuring loans. Members: Self-control loans, self-providing lending period, self-giving interest rate and time to receive interest * Get loans and fast loans automatically via online network. * The time of approval is very short. Once all information and document required by the system are met, loans will be made and disbursed immediately. * A person can borrow from many people * Lenders and borrowers are allowed to manage their own money and interest rate. * No risks for lenders when participating in “risk insurance”. * Do not need to determine the purpose of loans. * Amounts of loans and number of loans are unlimited * Loan interest can be up to 40% per month. * Information of borrowers and lenders are absolutely secured. * Loans are clear and transparent. * Transaction history is unlimited.
Website: Visit
White paper: Read
Bounty: Bounty
Pre-sale Time: 22 Oct, 2018 - 31 Oct, 2018
ICO Time: 3 Nov, 2018 - 1 Dec, 2018
Country: Canada
Token Info
Ticker: Xcoin
Token type: Lendxcoin
Available for sale: 70,000,000 Xcoin (58%)
Pre-sale Price: 0.2 USD
ICO Price: 0.4 USD
Soft cap: 1M USD
Hard cap: 25M USD
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For the purpose of connecting lending and borrowing investors via an online network all over the world, we have carried out a project of peer to peer lending using blockchain platform. Thanks to this project, lenders and borrowers would be connected to each other quickly and easily and have not to make complicated procedures like at traditional banks. Besides, it also allows lenders to gain the highest return and borrowers to pay the lowest interest rate.

The project has been prepared since 2017. After a long period of analysis, system research and user surveys of reputable analysts and investors in finance and banking, we have identified the needs and desires of lenders and borrowers, and then provided with a system that meets almost all of the needs and functions of the peer to peer lending for users.

Participants of the project are investors, credit institutions, banks, insurance agencies from many countries. Our representative offices are located in major economic centers of European and Asian

It is necessary to have an intermediary currency to carry out the blockchain based peer-to-peer lending, thus, we created the digital currency called XCOIN.

XCOIN is the main currency as the third-party for the loans between lenders and borrowers.

This is the digital currency based on the ERC20 platform. It is the first currency applied in banking, financial under the Peer to Peer Lending (P2P) in a completely new form.

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