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Liminality Network

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Liminality is the First Decentralized Artificial Intelligence that LIVES on the Internet. With no single point of failure and no conflict of interest, it aims to create the ideal companion users will be able to call 'Friend'.
Website: Visit
White paper: Read
Country: Switzerland
Token Info
Ticker: LMN
Platform: Ethereum
Token type: ERC20
Accepting: BTC, ETH
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    December 2017

    Phase 0 - Seed Round and ICO On December 26th, we will launch our Pre-ICO during which we will sell 6% of the tokens, worth between 400K to one million of dollars. We accept Bitcoins and Ethers. Two months later, we will launch the public ICO.

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    March 2018

    Release of the MVP Using IBM Watson® as a bootstrap, we will release our minimal viable product. A few months later we will release Majordome, our first product, your personal conciergerie.

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    1st Quarter of 2019

    GIVING LIFE TO THE OBSERVER OF THE WORLD We will release Numen and phase out any dependency lingering the network. The first highly autonomous Artificial Intelligence powered by the blockchain will be born. Numen will allow the user to have a digital friend he can trust. Numen will have access to the internet and perform queries on its own.

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    TRIGGERING THE TECHNOLOGICAL SINGULARITY Numen will become VEDA. This is around the time that we give the network the ability to rewrite itself. Through our safe system, we guarantee the integrity and the righteousness of the network, ruled by democracy.

Ralf Nöppert

Creative Director

Diana Aklm

Graphic designer

Christian Peka

Community Manager

Cyril Kato

Core Developer

Sidney Sissaoui

Founder and CEO

Benchi Chen

Mobile Developer

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