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By utilising payment hubs, Liquidity.Network allows multiple users to send cost efficient Ethereum micropayments for the very first time. Liquidity.Network is the first ever off-chain payment system to have a working MVP that allows its users bi-directional transfers of Ethereum. The project has already been successfully deployed on Ethereum’s Testnet service. Liquidity.Network’s novel technology allows any member of a payment hub to pay any other member of a payment hub, whilst integrating with REVIVE to allow rebalancing of payments off-chain without the need for costly on-chain refill transactions. By utilising off-chain payments, the network allows users to transfer their funds instantly with an enhanced level of privacy that is low cost and secured by the blockchain. This ‘trustless Paypal’ will upgrade the Ethereum network, and have far-reaching implications for the blockchain world as usage grows, enabling a higher number of users to use the Ethereum network without adding to congestion.
Website: Visit
White paper: Read
MVP: View
Pre-sale Time: 14 Feb, 2018 - 8 Mar, 2018
ICO Time: 14 Jun, 2018 - 19 Jul, 2018
Whitelist/KYC: Whitelist & Kyc
Country: Switzerland
Token Info
Ticker: LQD
Platform: Ethereum
Token type: ERC20
Available for sale: 50,000,000 LQD
Pre-sale Price: 1 LQD = 0.611097656 USD
Accepting: ETH
Hard cap: 71,607 ETH
Social Media
  • 1

    September, 2017 Alpha Version of Liquidity.Network

    Excited by REVIVE, we developed the first alpha version for Li - quidity.Network, and launched a private Liquidity.Network hub.

  • 2

    November, 2017 Public Announcement

    Launch of the official Liquidity.Network web-site, FAQ, whitepaper, engage the community and public roadmap.

  • 3

    December, 2017 Foster development

    Based on the community feedback we adopt improvement ideas and attract talent to join the Liquidity. Network development.

  • 4

    Q1 2018 Early Bird Access, Testing

    Deploy Liquidity.Network hub MVP and give early bird access. Build a strong community. Optimize the hub.

  • 5

    Q2 2018 Public Liquidity.

    Network Publish the official and stable Liquidity. Network version. Include web and mobile wallets. Enable inter-hub operability with REVIVE.

  • 6

    Q3 2018 First App, Decentralized Exchange

    Enable the Liquidity. Network to perform exchanges of ERC-20 tokens. Faster and more cost efficient trading than other decentralized solutions.

  • 7

    February, 14th 2018

    pre-sale Start

  • 8

    March, 8th 2018

    pre-Sale Ends

  • 9

    April, 8th 2018 @ 4PM GMT - Whitelist starts

    To join the main sale, every contributor must first join the whitelist through joining our telegram channel http://t.me/liquiditynetwork and registering an Ethereum address with our chat bot, @BIGwig_bot.

  • 10

    April, 16th 2018 @ 4 PM GMT - KYC starts

    The KYC process starts under https://ico.liquidity.network. Limited seats available, first come first served! Filling out the KYC documents requires an Authentication Code that you get from our friendly telegram bot @bigwig_bot after whitelisting. Together with your Ethereum address, this allows you to upload the KYC documents. All contributors will need to go through KYC to be under strict compliance with Swiss law.

  • 11

    June, 11th 2018 @ 4PM - Dutch auction parameters

    Dutch auction parameters for the main sale will be communicated

  • 12

    June, 14th 2018 @ 4PM GMT - ICO starts

    The tokens will be sold in a Dutch auction to give participants a fair opportunity at an acceptable valuation. Dutch auctions are widely accepted as one of the best mechanisms for fair price discovery and have been the models for both crypto (e.g. Polkadot) and traditional companies (e.g. Google). The token price in a dutch auction is initially very high (i.e. the cap is high) and goes down with time. The longer the auction lasts, the lower the cap becomes, and the lower the token price ends up. Participants can bid at their preferred moment during the auction. A dutch auction is avoiding a transaction-fee bidding contest and also avoids a blockchain congestion.

Arthur Gervais


Rami Khalil

Inventor of REVIVE

George Sedky


Guillaume Felley


Thibault Meunier


Janine Videva

Marketing and Communication

Imran Khan

Marketing and Communication

Tony Tran

Marketing and Communication

Mohammed Kasstawi

Marketing and Communication

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