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Minter is a blockchain network based on the Tendermint engine with the DPoS consensus mechanism that allows for conducting instant transactions and creating project coins with algorithmic price discovery. Key Features Instant payments — transactions are done in 5 seconds, with fees lower than $0.001; Usernames as addresses — no need to memorize long strings of symbols; Absolute liquidity — with BIP in reserve and the price discovered algorithmically, each coin can be instantly reminted to BIP or any other coin without the need for an intermediary; Limitless — BIP and other coins issued in the network can be exchanged for BTC and ETH (via Cosmos Zone) or even secured in USD; Developer-friendly — to boost the development of Minter Apps, the team has already released open-source SDKs for iOS, Android, JS, and even a Telegram bot kit. BIP Token BIP token is used as the native currency of the network as well as the reserve for the coins. Total supply amounts to 10 billion BIPs, of which 100 million will be offered to early partners, 100 million will be airdropped, and the rest will be distributed as the block rewards over the course of 7 years. Governance The network is governed by validators with the largest stakes, their number will start at 16 and eventually rise to 256. BIP and other coins can be used as stakes and temporarily delegated to network’s validators, increasing their overall stakes. Scenarios Simple Wallets and Crypto Checkout — BIP can be used to instantly pay for goods and services, a crypto wallet provides users with additional security, and transfers are settled in 5 seconds; Crowdfunding — perpetual coin offerings can become an alternative to ICOs and traditional forms of raising funds, as the price of project’s coin grows with its popularity; Gift Cards, Codes, and Loyalty Points — Minter can be used as the backend for any loyalty program, giving businesses a tool for building trust with the customers, increasing brand awareness, and acquiring new clientele; Community Money — coins can be used as a value transfer tool within a specific community, providing for closer interaction and higher engagement. Developing Team Minter is being developed by the team of approximately 20 developers, engineers, and managers. Privately funded.
Website: Visit
White paper: Read
ICO Time: 1 Sep, 2018 - 31 Oct, 2018
Token Info
Ticker: BIP
Token type: Utility
Available for sale: 10,000,000,000 BIP (100%)
Pre-sale Price: 1 BIP = 0.00001 BTC
ICO Price: 1 BIP = 0.00001 BTC
Soft cap: 300 BTC
Hard cap: 1,000 BTC
Social Media
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    March 1

    Testnet Launch.

  • 2

    April 15

    Console (the issuance of coins included).

  • 3

    May 1


  • 4

    September 1

    SDK for the integration of transfers.

  • 5

    October 1

    Native BIP wallets.

  • 6

    October 31

    End of Early Access Campaign.

  • 7

    December 1


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