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MIR COIN is a distributed crypto-currency with anonymity, safety and convenience of fast processing speed by linking and integrating Blockchain-based technology and various payment solutions for the integrated platform ranging over various user needs and business plan. MIR COIN is a catalyst for expanding and stabilizing the network by giving a common value agreed upon by a Block Chain issued in an unspecified domain. Furthermore, MIR COIN will be real money that goes beyond POINT. In addition, we will integrate a variety of digital currencies, including cyber money, digital cash, coupons, and game tokens. MIR COIN is the link between the integrated platform that goes beyond the boundaries of the business model and will meet the needs of various markets and consumers.
Website: Visit
White paper: Read
ICO Time: 9 Apr, 2018 - 27 May, 2018
Country: Korea
Token Info
Ticker: MIR
Platform: Keccak
Token type: SHA-3
Available for sale: 600,000,000 MIR
ICO Price: 1 MIR = 0.8 USD
Accepting: ETH
Soft cap: 100,000,000 MIR
Hard cap: 500,000,000 MIR
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  • 1

    2016 Q4

    Marketing survey and check platform system; Form business model and team.

  • 2

    1.2 Q 2016

    Plan study of Blockchain and platform; Final check for platform system; Blockchain algorithm verification work.

  • 3

    3Q 2017

    Start developing platform and Blockchain cryptocurrency.

  • 4

    4Q 2017

    Plan MIR COIN ICO marketing campaign.

  • 5

    1Q 2018

    Recruit participants for platform in January, February; MIR COIN system in platform verification work; Proceed MIR COIN e-wallet development.

  • 6

    1Q 2018

    Design main platform in March; Pre-test grafting a system of participating enterprise in platform.

  • 7

    2Q 2018

    Complete Blockchain crypto-currency MIR COIN development in April; Complete MIR COIN ewallet development; Proceed MIR COIN ICO for 7 weeks.

  • 8

    2Q 2018

    Graft MIR COIN system in MIR PLATFORM; Proceed MIR COIN ICO for 7 weeks.

  • 9

    3-4Q 2018

    Pre-registration of participating enterprises and completion of final platform development; Enlarge MIR PLATFORM participating businesses and system update; List MIR COIN in domestic and international exchange market.

  • 10

    1Q 2019

    Plan enlargement of MIR COIN PLATFORM international network.

Daniel Shin


Jason Jang


Andy Song


Lim Yo-song


Na Young-suk


Shin Woo-Seop

Project Manager

Jang Seong Jin

Project Manager

Kim Song-guk

Development Director

Lee Sang-il

Software Engineer

Lee Geon

Software Engineer

Yang Jin-gug

Software Engineer

Song Jin-young

Software Engineer

Kim Jun-hyun

Software Engineer

Lee Ji-Su

Web Publisher

Seo Beom-Sik

Software Engineer

Cho Jae-young

Finance Manager

Park So-yeon

Operations Manager

Ishihara Satomi

Operations Manager

Stephanie S. Han

Operations Manager

Jang Ree-na

Operations Manager

Kyung Min-gu

Project Partner

Song Woo-il

Project Partner

Park Jong-gwan

Project Partner

Oh Sang-Hoon

Project Partner

Jang Eun-Ho

Project Partner

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