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Mt Pelerin

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Swiss Blockchain Banking

Mt Pelerin is a Swiss project to create the first bank to be fully built on blockchain in total compliance with regulations. More than a crypto bank, Mt Pelerin will bring the legacy world of finance on the blockchain, and not the other way around. It aims to obtain relevant Swiss banking licenses in late 2019, a preliminary process started in early 2018 with the help of two of the Big Four firms and some of Switzerland's best banking lawyers. Mt Pelerin is defining a protocol to use blockchains for banking services, and building a core banking system that tokenizes the entire bank's balance sheet. Its ambition is to shape the future of the way we bank, by democratizing complex financial products and services in a simple, transparent and cost-efficient way. At the same time, it aims to seamlessly bridge the crypto economy with traditional finance.
Website: Visit
White paper: Read
MVP: View
Pre-sale Time: 23 Oct, 2018 - 26 Oct, 2018
ICO Time: 30 Oct, 2018 - 15 Dec, 2018
Whitelist/KYC: Whitelist & Kyc
Country: Switzerland
Token Info
Ticker: MPS
Token type: ERC20
Available for sale: 500,000 MPS (5%)
ICO Price: CHF 5.00
Hard cap: CHF 2,500,000
Social Media
  • 1

    Platform MVP

    Q3 2016

  • 2

    Q4 2016

    Proof of concept with a Swiss bank

  • 3

    July 2017

    Creation of Smart Execution SA

  • 4

    Regulation and Compliance Work start

    Q3 2017

  • 5

    Smart contracts & oracles v2

    Q3 2017

  • 6

    FINMA presentation of the project

    Q1 2018

  • 7

    Wallet beta

    Q2 2018

  • 8

    Release of the Mt Pelerin Bridge Protocol

    Q3 2018

  • 9

    Seed round

    Q4 2018

  • 10

    Wallet release

    Q4 2018

  • 11

    Main fund raising

    Q1 2019

  • 12

    Front end completed

    Q2 2019

  • 13

    Back end completed

    Q3 2019

  • 14

    IT and process external audit

    Q3 2019

  • 15

    Target public launch with fiat bank accounts, cards and FX

    Q4 2019

  • 16

    Crypto accounts, cards and FX

    Q2 2020

  • 17

    Trade finance marketplace

    Q2 2020

  • 18

    Loan products marketplace

    Q4 2020

  • 19

    Business products marketplace

    Q2 2021

  • 20

    Savings & funds marketplaces

    Q4 2021

  • 21

    Real estate marketplace

    Q2 2022

At Mt Pelerin, we believe that an evolution of banking is long overdue. With the global enthusiasm for FinTech and the ever growing success of blockchain technologies, we now have all the right tools to make this evolution happen.

We ambition to design a fully regulated and compliant bank on blockchain in Geneva, Switzerland. Our key concept is the tokenization of the entire balance sheet of the bank, making the use of smart contracts on any asset possible. Implemented around a modular and open platform, comprehensive banking services will be delivered as marketplaces where the trade of tokenized assets will be possible with unprecedented liquidity, transparency and efficiency. This will also let us heavily reduce operational costs compared to traditional banks, while radically democratizing the access to assets and investment opportunities.

Being open to services from other financial institutions in order to bring more choice to our customers and a healthier competition, our marketplaces will be the bridge we have envisioned.

Our business model is also designed to keep 100% of our clients’ current accounts in reserve, acting as a custodian bank, in a fully transparent manner. In this way, they will know that their assets are safe with us and not leveraged for our profit. Instead, revenue will be driven from value-adding and innovative services offered on our marketplaces.

Arnaud Salomon


Cyril Lapinte


Jingyao Jin


Reynald Besson

VP Legal and Compliance

Sébastien Krafft

VP Engineering

Yann Gerardi

VP Marketing

Laurent Aapro

VP Security and Blockchain

David Llobet-Calaf

VP Trade Finance

Yannick Zehnder

Marketing Advisor

Dan Quinton

Community Manager

Azusa Kato Kozma

Community Manager

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