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OATH Protocol

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Blockchain Dispute Resolution & Governance Protocol

Oath Protocol ICO is a block chain dispute resolution and governance protocol. Using the common-law jury system as a model, we promote fair and transparent community decision-making on the block chain. The Oath Protocol provides a Layer 2 cross-chain infrastructure that is embedded in the dApp and public chain and provides a seamless experience for all users.
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Ticker: OATH
Pre-sale Price: 0.005 USD
Hard cap: 10,000,000 USD
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    Q3 2018

    •Private Sale •Product Design and Development •Community Building

  • 2

    Q4 2018

    •Test SDK/API •Protocol Launch •Oracle Services/Smart Contract Deployment •Juror Community Building 

  • 3

    Q1 2019

    •MVP Client Launch •Partner Integration 

  • 4

    Q2 2019

    •Mobile Client Launch •Business Development


Blockchain Security should have two different layers: Technology and Governance. So far, we have only focused on information technology security, like ‘anti-hacking’ or ‘code review.’ But Blockchain Governance is just as (if not more) important because every user needs it from time to time. OATH Protocol encourages users from different communities to join us and becomes part of our OATH Jury to help with chain governance and dApp dispute resolution.


Extensions and Layer 2

OATH provides an interface for smart contract programming languages. All smart contracts written through the OATH interface are automatically secured by OATH’s smart arbitration plan. OATH also provides a layer 2 library for easy dApp integration and dispute resolution via OATH protocol.

Interaction with OATH

OATH will deploy Oracle services to public chains. The Oracle service will be used to communicate between the Smart contract using the OATH Protocol and the OATH platform. External monitoring services will capture and execute the query events broadcast by the OATH Oracle. The arbitration results will be sent back to the smart contract by a 'callback transaction'.

OATH Ledger and IPFS

OATH Blocks have 2 sets of data: case information and evidence files. Case information will have smart contract content, arbitration setups, selected jury, vote, and arbitration results. That information will be encrypted and saved on the block. Evidence files will be saved in the IPFS system. We will have the hash key for the files saved on the block.

Smart Arbitration

OATH encrypts the jurors identities, so that their decision is objective and free from external influence. It uses a “categorized random algorithm” for selecting a jury group that’s free from bias, and “relational attributes” to prevent jurors from colluding. It creates a fair, justified, and transparent system. All the jurors will vote independently based on the evidence, testimony, and smart contract content.

Yin Xu

Co-founder & CEO
OATH Protocol

Jenny Vatrenko

Co-founder & COO
OATH Protocol

Hongwei Wang

Co-founder & Head of Engineering
OATH Protocol

Will Zhang

OATH Protocol

Danyao Zhou

Head of Design
OATH Protocol

Alice Fu

Head of Quantitative Modeling
OATH Protocol


Head of Business Development and Community
OATH Protocol

Xiaoyu Huang

Content Manager
OATH Protocol

Qi Guo

Office Manager
OATH Protocol

Weihui Tang

Community Manager
OATH Protocol

Yiting Cai

Executive Assistant
OATH Protocol

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