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The OutCloud system was first developed solely for use within the private detective agency as a means to securely send case related materials to clients which often included large video, document, audio and image files. Other file sharing services available at the time came with serious security concerns and lacked any form of presentation whatsoever. The existing file sharing services also required the receiver to download files one at a time before they could even be viewed and required the users to grant them many invasive permissions to even use their system. This was simply not an acceptable way of doing business correctly within this specific industry. The problem was then identified and a solution was developed shortly thereafter by Matt D. Ballard who partnered with web developer Robert Keddie. Together they created a prototype system and called it MyCaseViewer.com (MCV) which has been in successful operation since 2013. (MCV) has only served the private detective industry to date. The (MCV) system has developed significantly over the last several years by taking in customer feedback and putting it into action which lead to numerous product enhancements. It did not take long to realize that with minimal modifications and product enhancements (MCV) would be able to offer the global community the same superior file sharing and presentation delivery experience currently enjoyed by the private detective industry. The team expanded to include additional program developers, marketing staff and business consultants then work began on the upgraded version of (MCV) with the intent to become a completely decentralized version revamped towards a more global market. The public version of MyCaseViewer was completed and called OutoftheCloud.com (OOTC). OutCloud Systems, Inc. has now developed a way of bringing instant delivery of multimedia file presentations to the world in a manner that is not dependent on cloud computing or long term file storage. Currently, our system only briefly bounces in and out of the cloud just long enough for the presentation to be delivered and for the recipients to view and/or download the desired files. At some point in the near future we intend to move 100% away from cloud storage altogether and can reasonably conceive block chain technology as a possible road map to accomplishing this goal.
Website: Visit
White paper: Read
Bounty: Bounty
MVP: View
ICO Time: 5 Dec, 2018 - 5 Jan, 2019
Country: USA
Token Info
Ticker: OUT2
Token type: Utility
Available for sale: 9,000,000,000 OUT2 (75%)
ICO Price: 1 OUT2 = $0.003
Soft cap: 5,000,000
Hard cap: 50,000,000
Social Media
  • 1

    MARCH 2012

    Program development began

  • 2

    DECEMBER 2012

    A working prototype of the program was completed

  • 3

    MAY 2013

    Program went live. Test Market within the Private Detective Industry

  • 4

    JANUARY 2013

    First Series of new features were added based on customer feedback

  • 5

    MARCH 2013

    Second series of system upgrade and new feature were introduced

  • 6

    DECEMBER 2013

    Third series of system upgrades new features were added

  • 7

    APRIL 2014

    Work began to alter the program from the specific needs of the private detective industry to fill a broader global market

  • 8

    DECEMBER 2015

    The program was fully developed for the global market.

  • 9

    JUNE 2017

    Small marketing budget of $500.00 USD resulted in 8,000 new users signing up to be on our waiting list for product release

  • 10

    MAY 2017

    Mobile Pre-Launch apps developed and added to Apple and Google Play Store

  • 11

    JUNE 2018

    $45,000.00 USD was raised and used to develop an ICO

  • 12

    AUGUST 21 2018

    Pre-ICO marketing campaign begins

  • 13

    SEPTEMBER 19 2018

    ICO phase lauch beginning

  • 14

    OCTOBER 2018

    First ICO ended with $90k investment.

  • 15

    DECEMBER 2018

    Emal Safi became the Director of Marketing

  • 16

    JANUARY 2019

    Token listed on several exchanges

  • 17

    JANUARY 2019

    Currenct version of OutoftheCloud service releases to general public! Marketing team expanded.

  • 18

    JUNE 2019

    Crypto-based OutoftheCloud released.

  • 19

    JULY 2019

    Beginning Phase II Operations/UI Dashboards for IOT.

  • 20

    DECEMBER 2019

    1 million daily users reached. Launching Dashboard UI IOT service.

  • 21

    DECEMBER 2020

    25 million daily users reached.

  • 22

    JANUARY 2021

    New marketing team established to bring in targeted ad sponsors to pay for Ad space on Free and Basic user accounts.

  • 23

    DECEMBER 2021

    50 million daily users reached.

  • 24

    JANUARY 2022

    Additional Marketing team members added.

  • 25

    JANUARY 2023

    100 million daily users reached.

  • 26

    JANUARY 2025

    500 million daily users reached.

Unlike other ICO’s you may have looked into OutCloud Systems, Inc. stands apart in that we already have a working program. OutCloud Systems, Inc. has developed a state of the art Delivery Platform for sending multiple large multimedia files and has ventured well beyond the usual file sharing experience to include a dynamic and instantaneous streaming presentation of those files in a safe, secure and fully customizable display that can be personalized for each recipient.
These secured presentations can be created in just a few seconds and with just a few clicks of a mouse through our company website located at https://www.OutoftheCloud.com.

You can actually sign up for a FREE trial of or premium packages right now with no credit card required and start using our program immediately. Once you try this product I guarantee that you will fall in love with it just like all of the currently over 8,000 daily users we already have and you will quickly see why this ICO has so much earning potential.

Matt Ballard

CEO & Director / Founder

Robert Keddie

CTO & President /Founder

David Barnes

Direct Sales

Sabrina Lopez

Crypto Social Media Expert/Consultant

Ravi Ram Kallepalli

CTO of NuevesSolutions.com Senior Software Engineer-VISA

Junril Pateno

Full Stack Developer

Stan Ivasyuk

Full Stack Developer

Emal Safi

Board Advisor


Technical Advisor


Board Advisor

Hanover Financial Group

Financial Advisors

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