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The Protex Platform aims to provide privacy, security and anonymity to all. Protex decentralizes the ownership of user data like browsing history, location data and much more by giving users the rights to their own digital footprint. With easy-to-use applications, Protex users can not only control what gets shared, but finally get paid for the data they provide.
Website: Visit
White paper: Read
Token Info
Ticker: PTX
Platform: Ethereum
Token type: ERC20
Available for sale: 700,000,000 PTX
Pre-sale Price: 1 ETH = 20000 PTX
ICO Price: 1 ETH = 12000 PTX
Accepting: ETH
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  • 1

    October 2017

    Implement Ethereum smart contracts Pre-Sale Implement Ethereum

  • 2

    November 2017

    Cater data collection for data science applications Continued development of iPhone App and Chrome Extension Optimize smart contracts for efficient data storage Token Sale

  • 3

    December 2017

    Secure all encryption and hashing techniques. Prepare blockchain for beta release Prepare endpoints for public download PTX listed on exchanges

  • 4

    Q1 2018

    Prepare portal webapp for beta Pursue alternate storage methods to Ethereum contracts Connect endpoints to blockchain Prepare MVP for release

  • 5

    Q2 2018

    Improve portal and fix bugs Increase smart contract efficiency for full release Debug endpoints and prepare for full release Release beta of platform

  • 6

    Q3 2018

    Prepare recovery of quantum secret sharing for portal Connect blockchain with portal and endpoints for full release. Implement distribution methods for Quantum Secret Sharing to the Protex platform Reach 150k downloads

  • 7

    Q4 2018

    Prepare portal to support new technologies Begin building endpoints for wearables and self-driving car data. Release Protex Arctic (platform version 1.0)

  • 8

    Q1 2019

    Respond to feedback and make any necessary API changes to support data purchases Adapt blockchain/ backend storage methods for current needs. Grow to 500k PTX transactions per day

  • 9

    Q2 2019

    Release portal for beta with new data Increase distribution of knowledge across the blockchain Release beta endpoints for new technologies.

  • 10

    Q3 2019

    Recover new data with QSS Prepare blockchain as a private Plasma chain on top of Ethereum Distribute new endpoints with Quantum Secret Sharing Release Protex Blizzard (platform version 2.0)

  • 11


    Update all hashing and encryption with modern standards Respond to market and update blockchain with all improvements Adopt endpoints to work with blockchain upgrades and cater to technologies of the time. Reach mass adoption and begin phasing out old data storage

Kieran Stolorz

Chief Architect & Lead Developer

Jason Spielman

Chief Creative Officer

Steve McLean

Chief Operating Officer

Eric Heintzen

Administrative Director

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