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We're bringing chat to the next level with Spaces. We've built in tons of tools for you and your team to take control of your chat rooms, and make managing them a breeze. Get detailed analytics, reporting, and moderating stats-- all while you swap gifs and stickers with your community. Designed with crypto in mind, Spaces Chat is unlike anything you've ever seen before. Host polls, pinned messages with quizzes, captchas, and more. Your users don't want to get caught in the 24/7 crypto world? They can simply follow your Space's page for the most important news updates that only your team broadcasts.
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    Q1 2018

    Apps released to the public via Apple App Store and Google Play. Cards mailed as accounts are created and a minimum order number is reached.

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    Q2 2018

    Messaging will expand with Spaces. Spaces allow large group communication so other cryptocurrency-based projects have an easy tool to communicate with their communities and tools to distribute their token (ex: Airdrop).

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    Q3 2018

    API development begins, as well as the launch of merchant stack including the web and mobile apps. Marketing efforts to acquire additional merchants and users.

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    Q4 2018

    API opened to third party developers. Marketing continues to spread network and acquire additional users.

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