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The Rbit Token is used by RHOVIT providers and advertisers to incentivize users to watch and share their content. Rbits also provide the backbone for RHOVIT’S circular economy by “valuing” users transactions on the site and using those transactions to mine Rbits. The mined Rbits are then distributed out to the content provider community and used as backing to distribute RHOVIT’S in-house currency, “Coins” to the user community so they can purchase more content.
Website: Visit
White paper: Read
Token Info
Ticker: Rbit
Platform: Ethereum
Available for sale: 63,000,000 Rbit
ICO Price: 1 ETH = 140 - 180 Rbit
Accepting: ETH
Soft cap: 25000000 Rbit
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    RHOVIT 1.0 is imagined and built

  • 2


    RHOVIT 1.0 is put on hold until a better monetization system can be devised.

  • 3

    Q1 2017

    RHOVIT 2.0 is imagined with integrated blockchain technology

  • 4

    Q2 2017

    Circular Ecosystem is designed along with UX updates to existing RHOVIT Platform

  • 5

    Q3 2017

    Whitepaper is published and ICO announced.

  • 6

    Q4 2017

    ICO is held

  • 7

    Q1 2018

    Release Beta Version of Rbit backed RHOVIT Platform

  • 8

    Q2 2018

    Open RHOVIT to the public

Danny O'Neill


Nicolas Erreca

Full Stack Developer / Cognit Labs

Vanessa G. Vasquez

Blockchain/Crypto Intern

Dima Popovici


Tanja Richter

Creative Director

Charles Voltron

Interim CTO

Carlos Adrian Martinez

Full Stack Developer / Cognit Labs

Mary McCullough


Matt McCullough


Michelle Lange


Miranda Ordonez

Indie Artist Community Leader

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