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Robonomics Network

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Our protocol makes it possible to connect a variety of different robots to the market of robots' liabilities existing on Ethereum for the direct sale of data from robot sensors, ordering of logistics services and organization ordering of personalized products by fully automated enterprises. It is open source protocol that we are launching on the Ethereum network.
Website: Visit
White paper: Read
Country: Switzerland
Token Info
Ticker: XRT
Platform: Ethereum
Token type: ERC20
Accepting: ETH
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    Q1 2018

    A release indicating the start of platform work for developers of smart cities and Industry 4.0 solutions. Monitoring nodes of the system report about release support in the blocks of Ethereum network

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    Q2 2018

    This release is the start of changing network activity indicators important for the platform by comparing the results of standard node work and the results received from the network

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    The network participants own possibilities necessary for the work of smart cities and smart factories in response to economically valuable transactions

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    The network is able to assume the tasks of controlling robotized supply chains

Sergey Lonshakov

Robonomics network architect

Aleksandr Kapitonov

PhD in Industrial Automation, Robot economics academic society progressor

Aleksandr Krupenkin

Robotics/IoT developer, Ethereum smart contract developer, Aira tech stack architect

Valerii Chernov

Junior research assistant

Aleksei Ovcharov

Junior research assistant

Evgene Radchenko

System engineer

Alisher Khassanov

Industial engineer

Aleksandr Starostin

Web developer, Ethereum smart contract developer

Pavel Sheremetev

DevOPS engineer

Vadim Manaenko


Mariia Vasileva

Community support

Maria Sigutina

European representative

Anna Wimmer-Savinova

Visual communication design, illustrations

Anastasiia Bakai


Dmitry Togulev

Motion Design

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