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The utilisation of blockchain technology will enable Ruden to resolve long-standing issues in the real estate industry, including information asymmetry, high transaction hidden costs, inefficient transaction process, etc. Ruden’s blockchain-backed platforms will facilitate the reconstruction of industry value chain, whilst bringing Ruden to the forefront of the real estate industry.
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Token type: Ruden Coin
Available for sale: 10,000,000,000 RDC
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To solve above problems existing in the real estate industry, Ruden creates a digital identity based on blockchain for each real estate property, facilitating property ownership verification and reducing pre-transaction activities costs. “Mining by uploading” incentive mechanism encourages information uploading by property owners and other relevant parties, conducive to establishing the Ruden ecosystem. Ruden's real estate information registration and query system & data sharing network are designed to address problems of low real estate information quality and information island. In addition, smart contract technology and cryptocurrency is jointly utilized to lower real estate transaction and management costs, reducing cross-border payment charges for overseas investors and lowering real estate investment thresholds.

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