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Satoshi Brewery

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We want to set up the largest regional craft brewery in the north-west of Russia. At 18 months after the launch of the project the production volume will have exceeded 8.5 million liters of beer per year while the net profit will have reached the point of 13 million US dollars. By this time our beer will have been sold not only on the territory of Russia, but also abroad: in Finland, Sweden, Norway, etc.
Website: Visit
White paper: Read
ICO Time: 27 Nov, 2017 - 27 Dec, 2017
Country: Russia
Token Info
Ticker: SBL
Platform: Ethereum
Token type: ERC20
Available for sale: 10,000,000 SBL
Pre-sale Price: 1 SBL = 0.67 USD
ICO Price: 1.20 USD
Accepting: ETH
Soft cap: 5,250,000 USD
Hard cap: 7,200,000 USD
Social Media
  • 1

    February 2017

    The Concept Development

  • 2

    March 2017

    The Project Development

  • 3

    October 2017

    The Launch of the Website The Marketing Company The Start of the Pre-ICO

  • 4

    November 2017

    The End of the Pre-ICO The Start of the ICO

  • 5

    December 2017

    The End of the ICO

  • 6

    January 2018

    The Ordering of the Equipment The Start of the repair works in the premises

  • 7

    April 2018

    The End of the Repair Works

  • 8

    May 2018

    The Supply of the Equipment receiving The Installation of the Equipment The Pre-commissioning Works

  • 9

    June 2018

    The Start of the Production

  • 10

    October 2018

    The First Dividend Payout The First Token Buy Back

  • 11

    January 2019

    The First Capacity Increase

  • 12

    January 2020

    The Second Capacity Increase

Anatoly Babenko

The technical consultant

Alexey Brikunov

The financial manager

Olga Burkova

The PR-Manager

Vladimir Cherny

The chief brewer

Alexander Akhtyamov

The project manager

Andrey Leshchenko

The project founder

Dmitry Kolbin

The lawyer

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