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Securypto blockchain is what adds a privacy layer on the top of all the features offered by the dedicated hardware (DSG) and the software. At the same time, it creates a Paid-Content-Management which enables the users to get rewarded for their uploaded content and the hosts to get paid for their hosting facilities and for this you need SCU coins. SCU is an utility coin/token having a real world usage, required to transfer anonymous encrypted data on Securypto blockchain and monetizing content distribution. Securypto token has been released on the basis of Ethereum platform. Upon switching from TestNet to MainNet, SCU Tokens will be swapped for SCU coins on Securypto MainNet blockchain. Total supply of SCU tokens is one hundred million (100,000,000). At the end of ICO once all stages are finalized, all unsold tokens from the ICO will be burned. This create more scarcity and prevent of tokens concentrations in control of a singel entity.
Website: Visit
White paper: Read
Bounty: Bounty
MVP: View
Pre-sale Time: 3 Dec, 2018 - 1 Jan, 2019
ICO Time: 1 Jan, 2019 - 1 Apr, 2019
Country: Netherlands
Token Info
Ticker: SCU
Token type: ERC20
Available for sale: 70,000,000 SCU (70%)
Pre-sale Price: 1ETH = 1300 SCU
ICO Price: 1ETH = 1000 SCU
Soft cap: 250
Hard cap: 2500
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As Securypto is a wide project, it will disrupt many services like;

  • HollyWood/Netflix/Spotify, PirateBay
  • Amazone Cloud
  • WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal and other messaging services.
  • 2FA Hardwares
  • Hardware wallets

and many more….. However……

Securypto is in most cases not a competition but or a totally new or an additional layer giving different futures and creating new use-cases.

For example in case of Secure messaging DSG can use WhatsApp, Telegram or Signal for transfering encrypted QR messages when only integrity of encrypted message is important to sender and not the anonymity.

In case of Hardwarewallet for cryptocurrencies, there is always a tradeoff between user-friendliness and security. “You can’t take a bank vault with you on the road and you cannot put millions in your pocket.” Depending on the amount of assets that needs to be stored/secured, you need to wisely choose the best possible vault. Our recommendations are to use DSG for higher amounts where the maximum security is needed.

Another example would be the ongoing war between Film, Music Industry and PirateBay or other media download sites. Securypto network can be used to transfer and store data that has been encrypted, untraceable and monetized as uploader and host can choose to get paid by the download. More like a torrent network but on stroid combined with bitcoin. However this wouldn’t replace Hollywood, Spotify, Netflix or PirateBay but only gives a new dimension to the way data are stored or distributed as all parties can use Securypto network to win their own battle.

Daniel Gan


Alfredo Boni


Sam Nokati


Sasan Seyedi

Hardware Engineer

Khalil Ben Sassi

Senior Designer

Med Touati

Senior Designer

Kevin Pacayra


Ronak Surana

Content Manager

Ahmed Rasheed


Mohammad Sakib

Content & Community Manager

Neyamul Hadi

Content & Community Manager

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