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AI ICO for giving owners of physical shops data on shopping habits of their customers like Amazon would have. 10 million dollars already raised in presale. Advisors include Steven Nerayoff (architect of the Ethereum ICO an inventor of Gas for Ethereum) and Tom Gonser (Founder of tech unicorn DocuSign). Winner of BTC Miami. This is going to be big! I am not affiliated with this ICO but just wanted to share it because I have participated in the presale.
Website: Visit
White paper: Read
Pre-sale Time: 27 Jan, 2018 - 30 Mar, 2018
ICO Time: 30 Mar, 2018 - 30 Apr, 2018
Whitelist/KYC: Whitelist & Kyc
Country: USA
Token Info
Ticker: SHOPIN
Platform: Ethereum
Token type: ERC20
Available for sale: 1,000,000,000 SHOPIN (33%)
ICO Price: 1 SHOPIN = 0.10 USD
Accepting: ETH, BTC
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  • 1

    February 2017

    Team Forms With Eran & Divakar Solving a Retail Problem: Creating a Universal Shopper Profile to Improve Conversions.

  • 2

    May 2017

    Ingestion Engine: Retailer Integration Shopper Onboarding: UI/UX Alpha V0.1.

  • 3

    June 2017

    Ingestion Engine: Launches V1.0 Standardization of Product Catalog Data V1.0.

  • 4

    August 2017

    White Paper Published: Addition of Blockchain & Crypto Incentives Ingestion Engine: Product Search Tool Built Shopper Onboarding: App for Women Developed

  • 5

    September 2017

    Shopin Formed & Incorporated Team Formed: Eran, Divakar, Jeremy, Vlad, Alexey, Abhi Token Generation Presale Commences Token Sale Website Launch V1.0.

  • 6

    October 2017

    Shopper Onboarding: UI/UX Alpha V0.2.

  • 7

    November 2017

    Team: 8 FTE Hired: 50% Located in Brooklyn NY, HQ Branding: New Logo Unveiled Events: Ethereum DEVCon 3, Cancun Fundraising Roadshows: Singapore, Dubai, Switzerland, UK Awards: d10e ICO pitch, voted #5 Top ICO.

  • 8

    December 2017

    Recommendation Engine: Training A.I. Models Shopper Onboarding: Wire Frame For Alpha V0.2 Testing: Reached 1MM+ Transaction Per Second Test With 96 Nodes w/iExec Fundraising Roadshow: Switzerland.

  • 9

    January 2018

    Product Development: Shopin Profile Token Sale Website Launch V2.0 Shopin Website Relaunch Events: NRF Big Show, NYC, NABTC Miami Fundraising Roadshow: Hong Kong, South Korea.

  • 10

    February 2018

    Product Development: Men’s & Women’s Onboarding Alpha V0.2 Recommendation Engine: Testing A.I. Models Fundraising Roadshow: Japan, China, Singapore.

  • 11

    March 2018

    Public Token Generation Event Commences Implementation: BigChainDB Integration: CommerceCloud Shopper Profile: Visual Onboarding.

  • 12

    April 2018

    Product Development: Onboarding App Alpha V.02 Completed Mobile Native Apps: UI/UX Commences.

  • 13

    May 2018

    Product Development: Android & iOS App Recommendation Engine: Retailer Testing Shopin Profile Ethereum Integration Shopin Profile 1.2: Friends & Family Sending & Receiving Tokens Integration.

Eran Eyal

CEO and CoFounder

Divakar Rayapaty

CTO and CoFounder

Doron Wesly

CMO & Lead Designer

Jeremy Harkness

Blockchain Technology Officer

Michael Herman


Abhishek Yermalla

VP of Engineering

Lane Campbell

Strategy and Business Development

Aaron Latham

Strategy and Business Development

Bremelin Romero

EA & Office Manager

Vladimir Ustinov

Senior Engineer

Alexey Kulyukin

Senior Engineer

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