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Our mission is the synthesis of platform and ecosystem of projects around it. Our project is a unique solution that includes 2 key know-how: - Smart Investing allows to flexibly and accurately identify the needs of the investor and most effectively implement without having to choose the strategies and managers yourself! It also will be interested for traders (private, management companies, funds, banks) to attract capital to management. Smart Investing implies the creation of a market for professional management services. - The digital currency, which is completely decentralized and, by virtue of its technology, always remains as stable and liquid as possible. Another components of Platform: Exchange, Marketplace, Enterprise Integration We create ecosystem with full stack of financial services
Website: Visit
White paper: Read
Pre-sale Time: 17 Dec, 2017 - 17 Jan, 2018
ICO Time: 17 Mar, 2018 - 17 Apr, 2018
Country: Hong Kong
Token Info
Ticker: SINT
Platform: Ethereum
Available for sale: 750,000,000 SINT
ICO Price: Depends of investment volume divided by distribution
Accepting: BTC, ETH
Soft cap: 3,000 ETH
Hard cap: 10,000 ETH
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    ICO PHASE Q4 2017

    - Team building - Research and Whitepaper - Creating a Project Site - Representation in social networks, blogging - Bounty - Marketing campaign - Negotiations with the exchanges on the launch of trading SINT tokens - Start ICO

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    - Creation of beta version of COINBANK - Connection to exchanges and banks - Technical and legal audit - The release of the first version of COIN and COINBANK - The creation of the oracle of the publishing weight of GDP and fiat prices - Creation of mobile applications for COINBANK - Creation of Forums

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    SINT PHASE Q2 2018

    - Creation beta version of the Broker and connection to 3 large crypto-exchanges - The system of import of trade histories - Involvement of traders for tests - Creating a Beta version of Smart Investing (SINT) - Implementation and testing the node performance methods to solve the investor problem - Implementation and testing node protection methods - Technical and legal audit - Smart Investing Release - Completion of the functionality of COINBANK mobile application for Smart Investing - Targeted campaign to attract investors and traders to the system

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    TRADE PHASE Q3-Q4 2018

    - Connecting third-party markets - Creating a test version of the decentralized Exchange - Creating a test version of the decentralized Market - Testing the Auction for the Market - Technical and legal audit - Release of finished products - Connection of input and output of fiat in the COINBANK wallet - Integration of standard personal identification services - The function of the loan and deposit in COINBANK - Connecting liquidity providers - Creation of credit cards of COINBANK - Integration of SINT with investment platforms in the ICO and the classic assets - Targeted campaign to attract sellers and buyers to the Market

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    - Integration with external ERP platform - Creation of beta versions of elements of interaction with government portals - Technical and legal audit - Release of finished products - Creation of additional products of COINBANK - Creation of a network of oracles for COINBANK - The voting function for setting commissions for transactions in the system - The voting function for setting work parameters - The voting function for platform development projects - Global campaign to attract commercial and government organizations to use platform products

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    AI PHASE Q3-Q4 2019

    - Development of a system of artificial intelligence for trading and Smart Investing - Connecting different data sources - Backtesting and Machine Learning - Release AI

Stanislav Sorokin

Blockchain developer

Vitaly Levonyuk

Java/Android Team Lead

Ekaterina Dalmatova

Marketing and PR Director

Anastasia Kulikovskaya

Interface Designer

Roman Turyev

Founder and Technical Director

Roman Bakulin

Founder and CFO

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