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Smart City Enterprise

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The Smart City Enterprise Project is an Enterprise Sales, Integration & Consultancy Business running based on the Unique Expression of Smart Technologies. It serves by introducing an Innovative Approach to a cities infrastructure development and promotes Blockchain Transaction Principles between stakeholders of Industrial Project's smart Tendering, Contracting and Delivery.
Website: Visit
White paper: Read
ICO Time: 10 Jul, 2018 - 2 Sep, 2018
Whitelist/KYC: Whitelist & Kyc
Country: Czech Republic
Token Info
Ticker: CITY
Platform: Ethereum
Token type: ERC20
Available for sale: 1,643,609,281 CITY (65%)
ICO Price: 0.0044 USD
Accepting: ETH, FIAT
Soft cap: 10406 ETH
Hard cap: 25034 ETH
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  • 1


    Project Concept. The birth-day of the idea of creating a new Smart City Network.

  • 2


    Domain Acquisition Kick-Off. Creation of the first list of domains and their acquisition plan. Planning the first architecture of internal and external websites of the Project.

  • 3


    Market Analysis Ready. The end of the analysis phase of the current and potential markets for the Smart Project functioning in various territories of the world.

  • 4


    Digital Strategy Ready. Completion of the development of the Strategy for the digital content distribution and Operation of the Project, its growth, evolution and improvements.

  • 5


    Design Story 1.0. First version of Development of visualization ready: Logo, Animation Process, concept of design story 3D models, Trailers, Smarty the Robot.

  • 6


    Project Plan 1.0. Creation of the main version of the Project, stages of its development and implementation on the market, creation of the future team, requirements for processes, marketing and sales campaigns etc.

  • 7


    Project Kick-Off 2017. Kick-off of the Project in the real world. Extension of the resource volume on the project. Start implementation of planned development steps for Smart City.

  • 8


    Domains Architecture. Distribution redeemed domains in accordance with the structure of Smart City company: Solutions, Forums, ICO, Council, Products etc.

  • 9


    Smarty 1.0. The official mascot of Smart City project was born. He will accompany us everywhere and always.

  • 10


    MakeMyCitySmart.com GoLife. MakeMyCitySmart.com start posting news and blogs about Buildings, Transportation, Energy, Education, Infrastructure, Government and more other Smart directions.

  • 11


    Funding Presentation Release. Types and possibilities of financing the Project. The final list of options for attracting investments.

  • 12


    Smarty 2.0. The evolution of the Smarty mascot into a more modern and recognizable character.

  • 13


    ICO Start. Start production of CITY tokens based on Ethereum and the launch of ICO campaign on a crypto market. Assignment of the Smart City Enterprise project to ICO trackers and preparation to Sales phase.

  • 14


    MakeMyCitySmart ReBrand #1. New design for the MakeMyCitySmart.com: new color scale, layout, newsgroups, etc.

  • 15


    ICO End. End of the investment opportunity through an ICO campaign. End of release and distribution of CITY tokens. Further token management planned on Exchange.

  • 16


    Portfolio Mapping Ready. Product portfolio map will defining a systemized, transparent, unified product variant overview, which can be used as a basis for implementing a cross-variant product architecture and supporting knowledge-based approaches.

  • 17


    Product Serving Process Ready. Implementation of the sales process including tools, analytics, advertising, marketing targeting. The sales process along with the strategy for each product Ready.

  • 18


    Smart Contracts Portfolio Read. Set of products that allow possibility of projects smart-contracting principles for industrial sector.

  • 19


    Communication Desk Ready. Launch of electronic as well as physical tools for communication, negotiations with service providers and customers of the company.

  • 20


    SmartCityBuild.com GoLife. SmartCityBuild.com, the Encyclopaedia start production functioning as a public portal.

  • 21


    SmartCityAdvisor.com GoLife. SmartCityAdvisor.com start production functioning as a portal for consultation about sales market, providers, tenders, sales products etc.

  • 22


    Back-office Ready. Starting the operation of the Company in the Target market.

  • 23


    Blockchain Contract Engines De. Decision of the partner solution for the further development and integration with our tendering platform. Implementation of the work Blockchain contract: conditions, platform, functional, roadmap, etc.

  • 24


    Supplier Map Ready. The end of creating an actual list of suppliers by product type, volume, territorial coverage, economic sectors, etc.

  • 25


    Sales Management Ready. Sales management network structure and processes ready.

  • 26


    Competitor Management Ready. Readiness and Introduction of the process of analyzing the work and products of potential and existing competitors, the process of improving the Company's competitiveness.

  • 27


    1st Batch – Report Complex. Preparing statistical data for the future Data Products sale process: the industrial development of the smart technologies market, sales volumes, regions, companies, etc.

  • 28


    100 Landing Pages Ready. Launch the first 100 routing web-sites to attract new customers, partners and readers. Landing pages in line with the Domain acquisition strategy.

  • 29


    1st Batch Report. The release of statistical reports for sale as an independent Product: the industrial development of the smart technologies market, sales volumes, regions, companies, etc.

  • 30


    Business Start. Official launch of the full functioning of the Company: back-office, web-sites, internal processes, sales processes, analytical and statistical data, suppliers, consumers, reports, product catalogs, etc.

  • 31


    200 Landing Pages Ready. Launch the second 100 routing web-sites to attract new customers, partners and readers. Landing pages in line with the Domain acquisition strategy.

  • 32


    E-commerce Hit 3. Third mass pre-sale marketing campaign for tendering products and company's advanced services. After the marketing wave will be analysed results and optimised the next "Hit" phase.

  • 33


    Project plan 2.0. Detailed review of the first version of the Project and it's financial results. Development of the improved version of the Project for a next year.

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