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Clean Energy Blockchain Network

The clean energy economy is booming globally. Leading the decarbonisation charge is solar. Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels and battery storage technology are improving rapidly in both efficiency and cost of production. This is expediting a global solar powered energy transformation. Part of the growing green economy is the global network of carbon trading and clean energy schemes that support the production of clean energy such as solar. However, energy consumers and traders presently have difficulties distinguishing between green (renewable) energy vs brown (fossil fuel) energy. SOLARA’s blockchain platform plans to: < Create a trustless energy provenance record on the blockchain < Improves industry participant confidence in green energy infrastructure projects through the combination of strong cryptographic proofs and the use of SOLARA Hardware Modules (SHMs). < Allows solar asset owners to potentially monetise their energy data < Automates creation and transfer of energy creation that has been impossible/inaccurate at small scale < Maintains individual privacy through the use of zero knowledge proofs (ZKPs). < Enables scalable rich energy trading data, previously inaccessible to consumers and industry. At scale, the SOLARA platform has the potential to become the Bloomberg or Reuters of energy data, and effectively audit the global energy production, trading and use markets through the SOLARA blockchain.
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Token Info
Ticker: SOL
Token type: ERC20
Available for sale: 1,000,000,000 SOL
Soft cap: 15,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 50,000,000 USD
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    ALPHA Q2 2018

    Token Sale

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    Beta Q3 2018

    Proof of Install & Proof of Existence

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    Delta Q4 2018

    Proof of Fusion

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    Gamma Q2 2019


Physical solar assets (panels, batteries, inverters) can be registered in the SOLARA ecosystem by redeeming SOL tokens. This turns on our inbuilt patented hardware sensor - the SOLARA Hardware Module or SHM.

Registered solar assets are tokenisable into a Project Asset Token (PAT) - a blockchain token imbued with legally recognisable ownership rights. These tokenized assets are independently distributed by asset owners using our open-source Project Asset Token Standard. PAT Token are a new asset class - a solar backed financial product.

Future of the SOLARA Platform empowers enterprises and communities to fund solar projects of any scale by creating a global marketplace of liquid solar assets, secured via PAT Tokens. Project Asset Tokens

PAT holders can receive up to two yields! - These may be a financial product

1) A yield off electrons produced from the solar array or farm

2) A yield off the datasets and analytics sold on the SOLARA Platform

Klaus Selinger

Executive Board

Andrew Hodgson

Executive Board

Mark Paton

Board Member

Robert Allen

Board Member

Leon Gerard Vandenberg

Core Team

Peter Hsu

Board Member

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