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Stein Coin

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Stein Coin

Stein Coin is a new decentralized cryptocurrency project, what means that we are not hold by a government neither third party companies Our target is to create a new ecological blockchain generation To do that, we have centered all our efforts on the following issues: - Transactions: Fast — exactly completed in less than a second (< 1s). Besides, they are near to an unlimited scalability system: Over 60,000 TPS divided in 64 cores server. What is more, a Stein Coin transaction has low fees for buyer and seller. - Environment: We are commited with enviroment: A Stein Coin transaction is next to zero enviromental spoor. - Privacy: Powering the blockchain to deny peer to peer payment tracks. Privacy is a right, not an option to choose. Your privacy, our priority. - POS -> POI: We are replacing Proof of Stake by Proof of Integrity; which means that the amount of money that is owned is not the only factor that is taken into account when measuring the reputation of each account and the transactions between own accounts either. - Clean mining energy: A peer-to-peer verification protocol that ensures that all miners only use renewable energy. It allows maximum confidence and verification of compliance, which is not supported by a third party and keeps creating a clean crypto community. - Low fees: An Stein Coin transaction has just 0'001% fee per transaction. Both for the buyer and for the seller. - Divisible chains: Optimization of resources between nodes thanks to chain severability. - Wallet: Multi cryptocurrency wallet: Open source code wallet to store your cryptocurrencies. Our Pre-ICO will start next 18th October and will finish next 18th December 2018. All Pre-ICO purchasements will get a 45% extra bonus tokens. Our ICO will start next 22nd December and will finish next 25th February 2019. All ICO purchasements will get a 25% extra bonus tokens. We are just accepting Ethereum or Bitcoin as payment method. To purchase STCN tokens with Bitcoin, please send us an email for further information. You can see more about our project in our website: https://steincoin.org Or contact us by email: info@steincoin.org Thank you.
Website: Visit
White paper: Read
Bounty: Bounty
Pre-sale Time: 18 Oct, 2018 - 18 Dec, 2018
ICO Time: 22 Dec, 2018 - 25 Feb, 2019
Country: Switzerland
Token Info
Ticker: STCN
Token type: ERC20
Available for sale: 206,550,000 STCN (85%)
Pre-sale Price: $0.2
ICO Price: $0.2
Soft cap: $6.5M
Hard cap: $25M
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    Whitepaper released

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    18th October – 18th December 2018 (+45% extra bonus token)

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    22nd December – 25th February 2019 (+25% extra bonus token)

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    Token Distribution: during this period, ICO has already finished and we will be checking all payments are well revenued. We will be distributing purchased tokens to each ERC-20 wallet once ICO period has ended.

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    Donation to charities: We will get in contact with several health charities to donate a 15% of all funds, as well as when the hard-cap has exceeded the set amount

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    First Trading Exchange During this period, we will be applying for the first exchange trading website

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    Second Trading Exchange During this period, we will be applying for the second exchange trading website

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    Wallet Open source multi cryptocurrency wallet

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    Third Trading Exchange From now on, we will get listed on more and more exchanges

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    Android & IOS Apps Android and IOS app will be released

Denis Farafonov

Founder / CEO of Stein Coin. Computer science engineer. Mobile developer and expert on smart contrac

Artem Zaitsev

Web developer. Computer science Engineer. Blockchain expert developer

John D Allen

Senior Systems Analyst & Engineering Architect. Heavy Blockchain expert consultor

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