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Tokenlab is an ICO- and smart-contract-management platform that aims to simplify the life cycle of an ICO. Tokenlab makes it easy for anyone to participate, either as an investor or an issuer, while providing unique technology that makes ICOs safer and more flexible for those running and participating in them. In general,Tokenlab is a complete token and ICO creation and management platform produced by industry leading blockchain developers.
Website: Visit
White paper: Read
ICO Time: 14 Sep, 2017 - 30 Nov, 2017
Country: USA
Token Info
Ticker: LAB
Platform: Expanse
Token type: ERC644
ICO Price: 0.10 USD
Accepting: EXP
Social Media
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    Aug 2017, Exclusive sale

    - Launch presale contract on livenet - Supported coins: EXP - Contribution limit: 1m USD -Bonus: 20% - Detailed roadmap with master detail section - Info graphics explaining tokenlab - Videos and other suporting media

  • 2

    Sept 2017, Presale

    - Login page and basic account management - Launch presale contracts on the expanse livenet - Additional supported coins: EXP, BTC, LTC, ETH - Contribution limit: 1m USD - Bonus: 10% - Presale countdown - Presale event - Presale funds used for marketing and further development

  • 3

    Oct 2017, Token Sale

    - Launch beta product with LAB Token Sale - Launch ICO’s for selected partners - Additional supported coins: EXP, BTC, LTC, ETH, PivX, SteemIt - Contribution limit: 8m USD - Improved dashboard and partner integration - Token sale countdown - Token sale - Distribute LAB tokens - Integrate with Gander -Launch LAB on exchanges

  • 4

    Nov 2017, Limited Release

    - Improved login with social media integration - Open Tokenlab to run 10 ICO’s simultaneously - Accept contributions in Steemit and PivX - Crowdsourced underwriting

  • 5

    Dec 2017, Public Release

    - Underwriting workflow improvement - Increased vetting - Performance metrics and charting around ICO performance

  • 6

    Q1 2018, ICO Exchange

    - Exchange integration with tokenlab - Supported markets: EXP, ETH and BTC - Basic order book analysis - Basic charting and TA tools

Kazim Raza

GO Backend Developer

Ahsan Aftab

GO Backend Developer

Asim Ashfaq

Lead Tokenlab Architect

Terrence Nirmaier

Expanse Advisor

Scott Williams

Project Management Office Director

Timothy Suggs

Business Development Director

Marcia Danzeisen

Chief Administrative Officer

Ahmad Siddiqi


James Clayton

Community Manager, Expanse Co-founder

Christopher J. Franko

CEO, Expanse Co-founder, Lead Developer


ReactJS Frontend Developer

Sarmad Javed

JS Frontend Developer

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