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United Traders

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United Traders is a modern investment and financial company. Its core consists of professional traders and programmers who develop unique software for trading on the equities markets. UT is providing a wide range of services for investors in its special marketplace where everybody can choose strategies on stocks, currencies and digital assets. Multi-market Aurora platform is our flagship product, it already allows thousands of traders to get access to largest exchanges. UT is entering Crypto Community with project UTExchange, wherе it will offer unique smart-route technology to solve liquidity problems on markets.
Website: Visit
White paper: Read
ICO Time: 30 Nov, 2017 - 24 Dec, 2017
Country: Russia
Token Info
Ticker: UTT
Platform: Ethereum
Token type: ERC20
ICO Price: 800 UTT = 1 ETH
Accepting: BTC, ETH, Fiat
Social Media
  • 1

    Second stage of UT Magazine dictionary · October 2017

    We will start to gradually expand the range of subject matters covered by the financial dictionary available through UT Magazine and translate it into other languages, thus granting access thereto to authors from other states as well. We are sure that the number of visits will increase dramatically in a few months as soon as the first entries are made. Subsequently, we will grant access thereto to a wide range of advertisers.

  • 2

    UT Education updated interface · November 2017

    UT Education updated interface combined with other platforms shall make the user path easier. Just click the relevant section and start to learn. Moreover, traders, investors and partners will be able to keep up with recent news having regard to the educational platform. This includes further training sessions, new tutors or translation of any course into any new language

  • 3

    Affiliates UT updated interface · November 2017

    A partner program developed by UT will become more challenging for professional traffic arbitrageurs due to the opportunity to embody registration widgets in the Web site, download landings and improve analytical data.

  • 4

    Trader’s account updated interface · December 2017

    We intend to launch a trader’s account which more convenient for newbies. Moreover, it will be more user friendly and easy to use for advanced traders. In the business context it shall ensure higher conversion from registration to a loaded account.

  • 5

    Cryptocurrency exchanges and Aurora interconnection · December 2017

    Traders engaged by United Traders will be able to convert fiat balances into cryptocurrency balances and thus be assigned limits required to trade on the cryptocurrency exchanges connected to the platform. A phased interconnection of exchanges is expected where HitBTC will become a pioneer of this process.

  • 6

    Launch of ICO based on the investment platform · January 2018

    Immediately upon ICO launched by United Traders further investment ideas are expected to be introduced as follows: 1. ICO enables you to enter any ICO from a common interface; 2. Pre ICO allows you to participate in Pre ICO and enjoy more favorable terms and conditions, even if you do not possess large capital resources for individual terms and conditions to apply.

  • 7

    UT tokens used as an instrument of payment · January 2018

    Any user making use of services offered by United Traders will be able to pay by UT tokens. This method of payment will be more attractive vs any other payment vehicle.

  • 8

    Smart route UT released · Q1 2018

    Smart route UT will be developed in parallel to interconnection of further cryptocurrency exchanges to Aurora. Users will be able to execute large orders at more favorable prices.

  • 9

    Aurora updated interface · Q1 2018

    To ensure higher accessibility of UT trading for newbies a Web version of Aurora platform is being developed. Professional traders will be able to monitor their positions without a feature allowing it to launch a desktop version, while newbies will adapt to a new trading business faster. Moreover, this will be the primary UTEX interface

  • 10

    Launch of a cryptocurrency dark pool · Q1-2 2018

    Initial release of UTEX will be available in a dark pool format. That is a liquidity pool that is not visible for a user and tested by Smart route UT before it is used on other exchanges

  • 11

    Fully operational UTEX (a cryptocurrency exchange) launched · Q2-3 2018

    For the purpose hereof ‘fully operational’ shall mean that dark pool quoted prices are available to all users, order routing to other exchanges is switched off and fast API is accessible to algorithmic traders and market makers.

  • 12

    United Traders community launched · Q3-4 2018

    We expect to launch a blockchain-based rating system by the end of 2018, which shall allow it to transfer an internal project-related decision-making process to users, thus making platforms more scalable and self-contained.

  • 13

    Platform mobile version released · Q3-4 2018

    Immediately upon the ICO, we expect to commence development of mobile applications for services that previously have been introduced with Web interfaces. Allegedly, in 3-6 months various mobile interfaces will be released with the investment marketplace being a pioneer of this process.

  • 14

    Decentralized UTDEX launched · 2018

    A chat forum, which ensures interaction of trainees as part of the educational program implementation, as well as traders and risk managers operating through Aurora, represents one of the built-in components of UT systems. We intend to launch a pilot decentralized exchange based on the foregoing messenger service in 2018.

  • 15

    Licensing · 2018

    Licensing required launching an exchange and investment platform in a recognizable jurisdiction with positive regulation of cryptocurrencies and ICO.

  • 16

    Tokenization of shares in the companies · N/A

    We expect to purchase shares in non-public companies and issue tokens representing the same. Any broker will be able to trade these tokens and exchange them for shares through United Traders. The implementation timeframe has not been defined yet due to availability of open legal issues.

Irina Trushkina

Chief financial officer

Andrey Shapiro

Art director of Aurora platform

Anton Klevtsov

UT Education product manager and chief editor of UT Magazine

Alexandr Kurdyukov

Technical director

Eduard Tsinker

Affiliate program director

Dmitry Belousov

Managing partner

Anatoly Radchenko

Managing partner

Roman Vishnevsky

Managing partner

Alexey Markov

Product manager and Trading floor project leader, trader

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