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The VANHEALTHING Cryptofund of Biotech innovations is an absolutely unique investment platform: profits are combined with premier access to cutting-edge biotechnological projects that save and improve human lives.
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Country: Ukraine
Token Info
Ticker: HEALTH
Platform: Ethereum
Token type: ERC20
Available for sale: 300,000 HEALTH
Soft cap: 5,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 100,000,000 USD
Social Media
  • 1

    September 2014

    First angel investment into the Force project.

  • 2

    June 2015

    The USP Capital venture fund is launched.

  • 3

    September 2015

    First Successful Kickstarter campaign completed by our portfolio company.

  • 4

    November 2015

    Successful cardio-screening of 22 433 patients in rural areas. The Platform 20k project is born.

  • 5

    Devember 2015

    Plans for the word's first psychometer are formulated - a unique device for constant monitoring of an individual's psycho-emotional state.

  • 6

    January 2016

    The TRL3 experiment for the world's first one-hand ECG sensor is successfully conducted.

  • 7

    February 2016

    Incorporation of Platform 20k and Planexta Inc.

  • 8

    April 2016

    Start of development on PRECISE - the automated ECG interpretation project.

  • 9

    September 2016

    Start of development on the world's first sleeveless arterial blood pressure monitor with +- 5 mg Hg accuracy.

  • 10

    November 2016

    Successful completion of the SenceBand crowdfunding campaign.

  • 11

    January 2017

    SenceBand receives two CES 2017 awards in the biotechnologies and wearable devices categories.

  • 12

    March 2017

    One of our portfolio companies is chosen for the Vertical accelerator (Finland), considered to be one of the world's best accelerators in digital health tech.

  • 13

    April 2017

    One of our portfolio companies is chosen for the Alchemist accelerator (U.S.A.), considered to be one of the world's best accelerator programs. The digital beta of PRECISE is launched.

  • 14

    May 2017

    Start of clinical trials for PRECISE.

  • 15

    July 2017

    The Fund's portfolio increases to 12 companies - a major new milestone.

  • 16

    August 2017

    Start of the Fund's transformation into a cruptocurrency fund.

  • 17

    September 2017

    The Cryptofund's development strategy is finalized. Publication of a fundamental scientific paper on aging predictor analysis and the dynamic estimation of biological age.

  • 18

    October 2017

    The Cryptofund's portfolio is created. The medical version of SenceBand is named among the top 20 remote assistance projects of 2017 by HealthcareTech Outlook.

  • 19

    November-December 2018

    The Fund conducts a Roadshow for the purpose of engaging investors and partners for the Cryptofund.

  • 20

    January 2018

    Establishment and registration of the Cryptofund.

  • 21

    February 2018

    Creation of the Cryptofund's board of directors and investment strategy.

  • 22

    February - August 2018

    Preparation for the ITO and coordination with regulators for the purpose of issuing tokens.

  • 23

    March 2018

    Establishment of the Cryptofund's hedge-fund division for the purpose of liquidity management.

  • 24

    August 2018

    Demonstration of successful technological and financial results by the Cryptofund's portfolio companies.

  • 25

    September 2018

    Launch of our ITO.

  • 26

    October 2018

    Portfolio companies begin invesment using gathered funds. Launch of the first stage of our A.R.K. infrastructure project specifically - the initial laboratory construction phase.

  • 27

    November 2018

    Payment of dividens to token owners.

  • 28

    November 2018

    Launch of the final stage of the A.R.K. infrastructure project.

  • 29

    January 2019

    Launch of new technological projects within the Cryptofund.

Alexander Lobanov

Chief investment officer

Alexander Tulko

Head of asset management

Yaroslav Kologryvov

Managing partner of Vanhealthing

Eugene Nayshtetik

President of Planexta Inc.

Tatiana Botsva

R&D vice president at Planexta Inc.

Maryna Moskovko

CEO of A.R.K

Valery Kanevsky

CEO of Institute of High Technologies

Yury Tymoshenko

CEO of VieGraph

Timur Shemsedinov

CEO of Interactive Cloud

Sergey Stirenko

Head of the R&D department of supercomputer calculations, AI and AR/VR

Victoria Ustimenko

Chief PR Officer

Inna Malyukova

Founder and managing Partner of Sikorsky Challenge

Dr. Ben Goertzel


Dr. Greg Colvin


Ivan Danishevsky


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