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veriHUB by veriTAG

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Next generation food ecosystem powered by blockchain.

Our vision is to provide a Blockchain and Token enabled food trading and service platform for Safe food at best price with best quality. Blockchain is a cryptographically secure distributed ledger technology that allows businesses and government to streamline their business processes built on top of a new generation of applications and cross entity services. It provides trust, accountability and transparency by using a shared ledger among the distributed network of participants. We believe the power of the blockchain will fundamentally change the way we interact and conduct business. We have enabled a food tracking system on blockchain (veriTAG blockchain), allowing key parties to form part of the immutable authentication system. As mentioned, efficiency is another key area. Food safety via tracking, complements our aim to build an inclusive ecosystem in which veriHUB partners can access this technology in a cost-effective manner. The blockchain platform will provide sellers, buyers, logistic service providers, marketing companies, corporates, financial institutions and government entities easy access to a platform that provides smart contracts, trade services, certification services, trade payment and trade finance. Ultimately, our goal is to be the Alibaba for food, bringing in real quality food into China.
Website: Visit
White paper: Read
MVP: View
ICO Time: 15 Nov, 2018 - 15 Jan, 2019
Whitelist/KYC: Whitelist & Kyc
Country: Singapore
Token Info
Ticker: vtag
Token type: Utility-token
Available for sale: 700,000,000 vtag (70%)
ICO Price: 1 ETH = 20,000 vtag
Soft cap: 2,500 ETH
Hard cap: 25,000 ETH
Social Media
  • 1

    2013 veriTAG

    - Setup and develop veriTAG for semiconductor - Developed veriTAG embedded Cloud tagging solution.

  • 2

    2015 veriHUB

    - Setup and develop veriHUB building upon veriTAG success. - Focus on one stop solution for China - Developed veriHUB, one stop food import hub solution for China

  • 3

    2017 veri$HOP

    - Ink MOU with Y3 and Digitnexus to enhance services on veriHUB and to go on board blockchain - Develop and launch very$HOP - Developed veri$HOP, a WeChat mini app that links customers with merchants for shopping and interactions

  • 4

    2018 1H

    - veriTAG goes on blockchain - veriHUB3.5 upgraded to PSG under IMDA - Sign MOU with Rizon to extend on blockchain and logistic services in China ChongQing - Sign agreement with 17 Flash store (an unmanned technology provider under tencent company) to be part of the offline channels on veriHUB 3.5

  • 5

    2018 Aug - veriTAG Blockchain for food tracking

    - Setup veriTAG blockchain and API Gateway - Developed veriTAG blockchain smart contracts - Developed APIs for veriTAG blockchain smart contracts

  • 6

    2018 Q3

    - Ink agreement with SMF (Singapore manufacturing Association) to provide veriHUB services to its members (> 3000) - In development with 3 seafood associations in Singapore to set up Poseidon, a veriHUB ecosystem for seafood - In development with Halal Science Center to bring Halal on blockchain through veriTAG and Thailand Halal products through veriHUB to China (veriHUB Thailand) - Formation of GFCA (Global Food chain Alliance), a food ecosystem on blockchain to share resources for growth and token interoperation. 6 founding members are veriTAG, NULS, Morpheus Lab, Reefic protocol and Sakae Fintech

  • 7

    2018 Dec - veriHUB Blockchain for food supply chain phase 1

    - Setup veriHUB blockchain - Develop Token Exchange within veriHUB blockchain - Develop veriTAG wallet - Develop token smart contract - Enhancements for veriTAG blockchain

  • 8

    2018 Q4

    - Bring MUIS (Singapore Halal certification) onto veriTAG blockchain - Setup 17 unmanned stores in Chengdu China and Singapore - Establish Singapore booth into Ito Yokado, Isetan and G super in Chengdu - Establish collaboration linkup with Chengdu Food and Beverage Associations - Launch of vtag ICO

  • 9

    2019 Mar - veriHUB Blockchain for food supply chain phase 2

    - Expand veriHUB blockchain network - Enhance Token Exchange within veriHUB blockchain - Enhance veriTAG wallet - Develop veriHUB blockchain smart contracts for food supply chain

  • 10

    2019 Q1

    - Schedule to release veriHUB on blockchain in Dec 2018 with e-wallet for token interoperation - Embark veri$HOP onto Reefic protocol token program. veri$HOP credit points can be used to exchange rewards points for restaurant use in Singapore and Malaysia - Setup veriHUB Thailand for export of Singapore products to Thailand and Thailand products to China - Work with HSC in Thailand to bring Thai halal onto veriTAG blockchain

  • 11

    2019 Q2

    - Bring veri$HOP onto blockchain - Setup veri$HOP in Singapore and extend token to use in Singapore by consumers and merchants and through collaboration with Sakae

  • 12

    2019 Sept - veriHUB Blockchain for food supply chain phase 3

    - Future enhancements - Bring veri$HOP onto blockchains

  • 13

    2019 Q3

    - Series A fund raising - Setup veriHUB Vietnam for export of Singapore products to Vietnam and Vietnam products to China

  • 14

    2019 Q4

    - Extend veriHUB operation from Chengdu to Chongqing, Guangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai.

Why veriTAG Blockchain Ecosystem

Food supply chain is one of most complicated verticals as a result of the intersection of diverse cross-border documentation formats, regulations and approving authorities. As most fundamental of human basic needs, there should be no compromises when it comes to food safety and efficiency. We believe in the fundamental rights of every human beings to have access to food that are safe for consumption. This is more apparent and especially vital when food is delivered cross borders. veriTAG aims to help developing or developed countries ensure the vision of where rights trump profitability.

Incorporating of blockchain technology into Food supply chain creates most desirable outcome to solve the immediate society needs.

We are confident and committed to commercially and viably scaling our blockchain solution and capturing a huge food industry.


  • Transparency provides value adding to their product and increase stickiness and branding to consumers
  • Increase business process efficiency and reduce business operations cost arises from documentation and verification.


  • Investing in proven and matured business model and ecosystem which has been running for a decade
  • With existing clientele and strong government support in Singapore and China
  • Strong execution and advisory team and low conversion barrier from existing clients
  • Extensive *alliance support across regions and technical resources.

*GFCA : a global food chain alliance was signed and established on 22nd August 2018 by 6 founding members during the Smart China Show in Chongqing where the main goals are for sharing of resources and interoperation of token through a common wallet. The alliance will allow assist in the growth of related startups through token funding - incubator coin offering.

Jason Lim

Chief Executive Officer

Patrick Chong

Chief Investment Officer

David Peter

Chief Technical Officer

Duong Van Sang

Blockchain Lead

Virginia Tan

Head of Marketing

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