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WinWinCoin gambling solution with decentralized Jackpot

What do we offer? As mentioned above, we have a full understanding of current problems in the gambling industry and that is why we offer an effective solution in the form of decentralized anonymous currency WinWinCoin which will save players from limits, fees, make money transfers faster and all wallets and transactions anonymous which will allow avoid territorial and legislative restrictions. What is WinWinCoin? WinWinCoin is a global association of gambling operators with their own WWC cryptocurrency. In addition, we offer a decentralized jackpot for all participants of WWC and the Winex crypto exchange where you can easily buy or sell WWC for any other cryptocurrency What is our plan? WWC tokens will be distributed between gambling operators after which tens of millions of users will get them. Then, WWC Coin holders can sell and buy our currency on crypto exchanges including Winex. Mass distribution of the coin among the target audience and limited emission (200 million tokens) will create prerequisites for a permanent price increase. What are our features? The main feature of WWC is a decentralized system of jackpots which is 60 million tokens or 85% of all their total number. At the ICO stage, these 85% will replenish the jackpot wallet. Subsequently, the jackpot will be replenished by the Winex exchange. The jackpot itself will be divided into three types: White (prize pool is 10% of ICO, the currency is ETH) - available to operators. It's one-off draw, the number of prizes is 25. The maximum number of participants is 100. Black (prize pool is $80 million, the currency is WWC) - available to ALL holders of WWC tokens. It's a weekly draw, the number of prizes is 1000. Red (prize pool is 90% of ICO, the currency is ETH) - available to ALL WWC token holders. It's a monthly draw, the number of prizes is 1000. In addition, we provide you with a high security You are protected by a smart-contract. If ICO doesn't reach the Softcap level, then all funds received from investors will be returned. We are open for communication, and you can always get in touch with us through these contacts What are the benefits for you? All users receive their own referral links. If the user has a master-referral, when purchasing he receives a WWC bonus in the amount of 10% of his purchase (Invite bonus), while the master-referral receives a choice (Referral bonus): 5% of the purchasing amount of an invitee in ETH or 10 % of the purchasing amount of invitee in WWC. We also announce the holding of Airdrop. All users registered in the system during its holding will participate in Airdrop. The Airdrop fund stores a fixed amount of tokens which is distributed as follows: each user who has bought more than 20 WWC tokens (from the Airdrop fund at a price of 0.00333 ETH) is given 100 tokens. After ICO will be completed, the tokens that haven't been distributed from the Airdrop fund will be distributed randomly, 30 tokens among all participants of the promotion. There are also two types of bonuses. The size of each bonus depends on the size of the token purchase and the stage of the auction.
Website: Visit
White paper: Read
Pre-sale Time: 1 Feb, 2019 - 31 Mar, 2019
ICO Time: 15 Apr, 2019 - 15 Jul, 2019
Whitelist/KYC: Whitelist
Country: Estonia
Token Info
Ticker: WWC
Token type: ERC20
Available for sale: 60,000,000 WWC (30%)
Pre-sale Price: 0,0025 ETH
ICO Price: 0,005 ETH
Soft cap: 10000
Hard cap: 50000
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Igor Matvienko

Chief Executive Officer

Alex Sibov

Chief Operating Officer

Konstantine Chernetsky

Chief Marketing Officer

Viktor Raff

Chief technology officer

Alex Emelyanov

Head of Blockchain Development

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