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Wys Token

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We believe consumers have the right to own, control and profit from their data. Today the Internet is far removed from these aspirations. Consumers have no control, while third parties earn billions with their data. Our mission is to change this imbalance and put consumers back in control. The wysker Platform is a new digital economy where consumers, advertisers and retailers are equals and everybody benefits.
Website: Visit
White paper: Read
Pre-sale Time: 17 Nov, 2017 - 31 Jan, 2018
ICO Time: 31 Jan, 2018 - 28 Feb, 2018
Country: Germany
Token Info
Ticker: WYS
Platform: Ethereum
Token type: ERC20
Available for sale: 1,782,692,307 WYS (1742%)
ICO Price: 0.0620 USD
Accepting: ETH
Hard cap: 107596.3 ETH
Social Media
  • 1

    Q4/17 - wys Token Sale

    Introducing the wys Token to early crypto and private Investors

  • 2

    Q4/17 - wysker App launch

    Android and iOS wysker App launch for users in the United States

  • 3

    Q1/18 - Token Integration

    Integrate token and incentivize user growth through wys Token rewards

  • 4

    Q2/18 - Market Expansion

    Expand the wysker experience to Europe, Asia and the Middle East

  • 5

    Q4/18 - wysker Ad Platform

    Onboard advertisers and retailers to promote products using wys Tokens

  • 6

    Q1/19 - wys Token Market

    Integration of wys Tokens into other commerce platforms

Tobias Haag

Founder / CEO Google, SV Entrepreneur

Kai Jaeger

Founder / CTO Deutsche Bank, Microsoft

Dr. Ann-Lauriene Haag

Founder / COO McGill Physicist, Caltech

Etienne Kiefer

CMO BBDO, Heimat Berlin

Joshua Scigala

Smart Contracts / ICOs Co-Founder Vaultoro.com

Todd Price

Wallet Systems / Ledgers Cryptocurrency Advocate

Dawid Platek

Frontend Development Co-Founder Inspace.io

Maksym Plencler

Frontend Development Co-Founder Inspace.io

Piotr Moskala

Platform Development Co-Founder Inspace.io

Michal Zaborowski

Platform Development Co-Founder Inspace.io

Lovis Lattke

UX & Motion Design Co-Founder Monolytic.net

Julius Lattke

Art / Interaction Design Co-Founder Monolytic.net

Joshua Steinberg

Business Development Ex-Google, YouTube

Ange Royall-Kahin

Corporate Communications Chief of Staff at WATTx

Klaus Bender

Chief Editor Ex-Grey Germany

Mike Maciejewski

Content / Social Media Macromedia MHMK

Kevin Kopaka

Visual Commications 30 under 30 FF

Eckhardt Weber

Investor / Legal Council Fintech, Legal Expert

Anna Viegener

Investor / Advisor Viega CSO

Dr. Zeno Schumacher

Advisor / DB Structures McGill Physicist, ETHZ

John Bruer

Advisor / Analytics BCG Gamma

Sven Korschinowski

Advisor / Blockchain Partner KPMG

Dr. Ulrich Keunecke

Advisor / Corporate Law Partner KPMG-Law

Florain Merkel

Advisor / Corporate Law KPMG Smart Start

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