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X8 Project

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X8 Project developed two Ether Tokens: X8Currency (X8C) that is fully backed with 8 fiat (cash) currencies + gold and X8X Utility Token, that is used as a key to issuing and exchange process of X8C with 0% fee at a fair value. Cash & gold assets, used for backing of X8Currency are activelly managed by AI propriety software, that was tested and approved. X8X Utility Token is offered on Whitelist pre-sale and will enable early contributors to obtain their own X8Currency with no additional costs at the issuer, a Swiss based and legislation complient company X8 Capital AG. X8Currency is not backed with only one fiat currency, but uses a combination of 8 fiat currency baskets and gold. It is stable and exchangeable directly at the issuer, offering distributed exchanges a suitable solution for fiat exit point. X8X is a pure utility token, a key to access the X8Currency exchange services. Dual Token Model separates the value preservance role of X8Currency and utility role of X8X.
Website: Visit
White paper: Read
ICO Time: 4 Jan, 2018 - 22 Jan, 2018
Country: Switzerland
Token Info
Ticker: X8X
Platform: Ethereum
Token type: ERC20
Available for sale: 34,000,000 X8X (50%)
ICO Price: 1.22 USD
Accepting: BTC, ETH
Hard cap: 3,400,000 EUR
Social Media
  • 1

    2012 Q1

    FIX 4.x Protocol implementation

  • 2

    2013 Q2

    Manual and semi-automatic trading architecture

  • 3

    2014 Q4

    Multi-broker multi-manager trading platform

  • 4

    2015 Q2

    New B2B connectivity: CFH Clearing, Squard Financial, River East Markets

  • 5

    2016 Q1

    TIER4 Datacentre Location

  • 6

    2016 Q2

    Automatic Reserve Management AI (ARM AI)

  • 7

    2017 Q1

    X8currency Blueprint

  • 8

    2017 Q3

    ARM AI track record (18 months)

  • 9

    2017 Q4

    X8 AG, Zug (incorporation)

  • 10

    2017 Q4

    THE X8 Utility tok. (X(X)

  • 11

    2018 Q1

    B2B crypto exchange account (BITSTAMP, etc.)

  • 12

    2018 Q1

    U.S. cryptocurrency exchange token listing

  • 13

    2018 Q3

    Proto-reserves accumulation (<$2M): Single currency (USD)

  • 14

    2018 Q3:

    Crypto-to-FIAT reserve distribution mechanism

  • 15

    2018 Q3

    FIAT ARM AI activation (<$20M): Top 8 currencies

  • 16

    2018 Q4

    Gold storage activation (<$50M)

  • 17

    2019 Q1

    Global multi-broker reserves diversification (<$100M)

  • 18

    2019 Q4

    Payment system support for X8C

Urban Aljančič

TGE / ICO project manager

Francesca Greco


Phil Lawrence


Ergim Ramadan


Sofia Kulauzović

Corporate look & design

Lenart Kmetič

Communications & Legal support

Ervin Marguč


Simon Hohler


David Preželj


Alen Oberstar


Rudolf P. Ströbl


Tomaž Lepoša


Aly Kulauzović

Business development

Gregor Koželj

CEO / Founder

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