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Zen Protocol

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Zen Protocol gives you control over your own financial assets. It’s a trading floor, a broker, and a tool for making new instruments, all on a parallel blockchain that connects to Bitcoin.
Website: Visit
Token Info
Ticker: ZEN
Available for sale: 12,000,000 ZEN
ICO Price: 1 BTC = 3521 Tokens
Accepting: BTC
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    Q3 2016

    IDEA IS FORMALIZED Adam, Nathan, Ronen, Sharon, and Ash come together. The idea of a UTXO based bounded computation language is formalized.

  • 2

    Q4 2016

    TECHNOLOGY STACK IS CHOSEN Work begins. Started to work on how we do a cost model for contracts. We choose F* and start work on the contract language. Nathan presents Zen for the first time at the china-israel innovation summit.

  • 3

    Q1 2017

    COST MODEL COMPLETED Start working on an elaborator. Start developing libraries.

  • 4

    Q2 2017

    SMART CONTRACTS AND ORACLE IN C# Continue developing libraries, begin developing contracts. Integration of ZF*.

  • 5

    Q2 2017

    SMART CONTRACTS AND ORACLE IN C# Continue developing libraries, begin developing contracts. Integration of ZF*.

  • 6

    Q3 2017

    REFACTORING Developing contracts. Testing ZF* builds. Evaluate cost using dependent types and an exported cost function.

  • 7

    Q4 2017

    TESTNET Implementation of: Decentralized multi token UTXO blockchain. Smart contracts with: Formal verification Computational Boundaries Compiled execution Active Contract Set GTK GUI and contract editor Headless client with a terminal user interface Contract explorer Template contract generator Oracle system Electron Crowdsale wallet Token sale

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    Q1 2018

    RELEASE CANDIDATE We will take our current testnet and enhance its robustness: Refactoring Bitcoin Integration Improve the UX/UI experience: Insert the demo site to the wallet. Create a domain name system and a customized distributed hash table to assist in network.

  • 9

    Q2 2018

    GENESIS BLOCK Multi hash mining Voting system Non outsourceable proofs + smart contract to assist miner variance. Difficulty discounts? Robust APIs and SDKs Project documentation Work with implementing the use cases of our strategic partners

  • 10

    Q3 2018

    ECOSYSTEM BUILDING Implementation of multiple use cases and a high speed decentralized exchange Market research Hardware wallet integration Wallet overhaul: We want a multi seed cross platform experience The basis is a USB-C open dime style hardware wallet which can be inserted to a phone or computer. Mobile wallets Cross platform native clients Web wallet Additional template contracts Build a community of open source developers.

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