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ZentaChain is a decentralized, high-throughput blockchain ecosystem, designed for storage.

ZentaChain aims to offer widely available services to solve the privacy and security problems of today. This is why our team will be releasing Zentalk and Zentavalut, designed specifically to utilize the ZentaChain ecosystem. Zentalk is a highly encrypted messenger service that combines the crucial technologies of smart contracts and mesh networking. Through written smart contracts the software rules and code can never be altered or tampered with. When using Zentalk, encryption is guaranteed through MeshNet integration. This technology makes Zentalk completely censorship resistant and gives users the ability to create their own secure personal networks. Through Zentalk, ZentaChain can guarantee consumer privacy and peace of mind while using one of the most secure messenger services on the market. Zentavalut is our highly secure data storage service for the protection of personal content. Unlike other cloud services, Zentacalut doesn’t have a centralized server, thus eliminating any single points of failure. More impressively, even ZentaChain team members will not be able to access the consumers' personal data. Zentacalut will encrypt and distribute your data, making it absolutely protected by using ZentaGate to IPFS to create an associative memory strategy for sharing and storage of that data. Only a secured password key can be used to unlock and reassemble the user’s content. ZentaChain development team will continuously evolve our services in order to adapt and overcome all privacy threats. ZentaChain is the solution for the future of safeguarding data.
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White paper: Read
Whitelist/KYC: Whitelist & Kyc
Country: Switzerland
Token Info
Ticker: ZENTA
Token type: ERC20
Available for sale: 156,308,520 ZENTA (60%)
Soft cap: 3,000,000
Hard cap: 10,000,000
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Power of ZentaChain

ZentaChain’s vision is a highly effective, decentralized network that is faster and more secure than any service available today. For ZentaChain to handle the massive amounts of data traveling through the network at any second, sharding is utilized, so that the current block on the ZentaChain blockchain can be mined quicker and more efficiently. With sharding, we can split a single block into multiple shards, and piece them back together once every piece has been mined.

Zentalk is a highly encrypted peer-to-peer messaging service. Zentalk system allows for two party’s to privately communicate through the use of encrypted messages. Zentalk security and encryption is guaranteed through the integration of mesh-networking technology.

Zentavalut is our cutting edge, secure data storage system. It is designed to allow the consumer to safely and privately store large amounts of data on the InterPlanetary File System. It does so while achieving high-speed data transfers through the integration of network sharding, ensuring seamless data relay at all times. Our service is an encryption delivery vehicle, in which data can be encrypted then filed securely on IPFS.

Zentavalut stores nothing locally. You are the only person with access to your data.

ZentaChain doesn’t have centralized servers or backup databases and we will never track our users. Our services offer full encryption as well as IPFS and MeshNet integration. By implementing these technologies, ZentaChain becomes the ideal solution for securing your privacy and data.

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