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Project combines garbage recycling factory which generates electricity from waste products and mining farm that works on that electricity. It is not only eco cryptocurrency mining, but also sale of heat, fertilizers and recycled materials.
Website: Visit
White paper: Read
ICO Time: 15 Dec, 2017 - 25 Jan, 2018
Country: Ukraine
Token Info
Ticker: ZET
Platform: Ethereum
Token type: ERC20
Available for sale: 58,000,000 ZET (35%)
ICO Price: 1 ZET = 0.50-0.90 EUR
Accepting: ETH
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    November - December 2017

    Funds attraction (ICO): ICO organization to purchase tokens of ZEUS. Token using Ethereum (ETH).

  • 2

    January 2018

    Purchase and rent of land in the industrial zone of Dresden, Germany.

  • 3

    January-February 2018

    Designing and obtaining permissive documentation.

  • 4

    March-August 2018

    Construction of the building and production of industrial factory equipment and mining capacities.

  • 5

    August-November 2018

    Comissioning of industrial equipment and start of new production, purchase and assembly of mining equipment.

  • 6

    November-December 2018

    Start of receiving and recycling garbage, shipment of finished goods and extraction of cryptocurrency.

  • 7

    December 2018

    Buyback: Reverse tokens buyback. The buyback will be made monthly for 5,000,000 tokens a month after comissioning the factory.

Alexey Karasev

CBO, Project development director

Baev Sergey


Erki Casar

Project’s lawyer

Josef Braun


Irina Prokhorova


Boleslav Voytsekhovskiy

Head of cryptocurrency mining direction

Alexander Pilipenko


Alexander Chochia


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