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World's Fastest, Most Scalable Blockchain - Fast, Scalable, and Low Cost Transactions. Zip is faster, more scalable, and more cost efficient than any other blockchain or crypto-currency offering 25,000 transactions per second, a 2-second average transaction speed, and $.001 average transaction cost. ZIP's speed, cost, and scalability breakthrough allows: 1. True disruption of financial services: remittance, cross-border settlements, micro-lending, trading 2. Internet of Things applications. 3. Micro-transactions. 4. Helping the Unbanked (over 3 Billion people) ZIP is Versatile. 1. New and existing tokens can run on ZIP. 2. Custom data. Add whatever you want. 3. Accurate Timestamps. 4. Easy blockchain development. 5. Simple to send, receive, and validate. ZIP is green. Low energy costs. 1. ZIP doesn't waste electricity on "proof of work" algorithms. 2. ZIP "proof of stake" consensus algorithm is ultra efficient. ZIP is super green and uses minimal electricity to validate transactions. 3. Great for the world and for the environment. Super safe, idiot proof 1. Native Protection against double spend attacks 2. Multiple protections against transaction spam 3. Easy key management and backup 4. Long private keys-impossible to crack 5. Easy pin management and multi-wallet support Other Advantages 1. Run a validation node with "1 click" on Azure or AWS 2. Deflationary on the protocol level. Zip burns 50% of transaction fees which also helps with anti-spam. 3. Offline Sending with bluetooth and receiver propagated transactions. 4. Limited supply 5. Mineable ZIP isn't theoretical... it's a reality Zip Blockchain really works 1. Core Protocol 2. Consensus Algorithm 3. Validation Nodes 4. Android HD Wallet 5. Private Key Backup 6. Paper Wallets
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ICO Time: 1 Oct, 2018 - 1 Jan, 2019
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